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  1. The central pillar of the Optic Gaming "mission statement" was family-vibes, that is absolutely something that you can fake when your entire business is built off of it. I'm not saying that every nice thing he did was fake or anything, I'm saying that its not that hard to film a few clips throughout the day and piece together a Vlog that shows off just how "family oriented" you are. Anything that is profitable will be profited on, and in this case it is very obvious that he learned really early on that this formula was a goldmine. Its no different from how other Youtubers can play a totally different persona because it sells, whether that be being a giant douchebag, being a "troll", or whatever else. All this shit is fake man; when you got people making hundreds of thousands by taping literally the most routine and mundane things imaginable, you are going to run into people who become fake (or were fake the whole time) to keep the cash-train going. With Hecz there is so much little shit (which adds up) that heavily suggests that his real-life persona didn't quite match with his on-camera/online personality. When their NA CS team fell apart because Stanislaw dipped out he left with some very interesting opinions on the true side of Optic Gaming management. Then you've got all the countless threads on the Optic Reddit over the years from people who won contests/prizes only to have been skirted around for months on end with no delivery or explanation. Does that sound like the actions of someone who legitimately cared about the fanbase to the extent that he played up? I could buy the "oh he was probably busy" excuse if he wasn't out fishing like every single week, he obviously wasn't short of free time.
  2. His best skill has always been profiting off of the naivety of his obviously predominantly young cash-cow fanbase by playing himself off as this quintessential "nice guy" which as we saw was extremely profitable. I've always felt that there has been underlying fakeness to his persona. Every once in a while you'd get a glimpse of a crack in the armour (the Nadeshot beef, his routine Twitter blowups, just the way he'd treat some of the guys in the house at times, etc.) which would show off his apparent smart-ass darker side. Even things like how he kept useless members like MBoze, Maniac (sorry bro), etc. on (which at surface value looks like him just being a cool loyal owner) had a faint snobby vibe portraying something like: "don't question me, look I can keep all these guys that do nothing and my company still grows like clockwork, I'm a genius". You can't blame the guy at all for cashing out on his own company, but do we really believe that he had no idea that this was going to be the inevitable outcome to selling majority stake to a bunch of suits? He made a living selling the whole "family atmosphere" spiel, and obviously that all went out the window real quick once his own future was guaranteed. He did a hell of a job marketing this move to the fans and clearly his own team members within the organization because all these dudes were hyped when this was announced, only to find almost every member now being disgruntled in some way shape or form which shows just how blindsided they all were. I personally don't believe for one second that Hecz himself is surprised by any of this, I think he played the whole song-and-dance the whole way because it profited himself (at the extent of his teams and fans), and now he's going to pretend like he had no idea that selling majority stake could lead to this.
  3. People actually believe this shit. Oh the game is going to be more like "old Halo" now? Woohoo! All our favourite old players who now suck are going to rock again! No, Frosty isn't going to all of a sudden get worse if AR's get taken out.
  4. I love how you just assume that older Pro's will "get better". This type of thinking is absurd and almost never actually accurate. Going into H5 many thought thaT Pistola would be the best player in the game due to H5's movement system meshing with his patented unpredictable playstyle: didn't happen. How about when they removed sprint and bloom in Reach and Instinct got wasted by 15/16 year old Royal 2 and Snakebite on a roster that had like a week of practice? The reality? The best teams/players would very likely remain the best. Sorry Roybox fans; EG would not all of a sudden become elite. Those days are gone.
  5. Yup. Snakebite has been the God for a long time. Clutch as hell. Incredible leadership/attitude. Very rarely makes mistakes; and he can dominate games with random plays that don't receive any stats but are instrumental to winning. The end of that Truth CTF game when he was sprinting around with sword and literally preventing any possible nV flag cap was absurd.
  6. Envy is capped to needing Optic to play BELOW their level in order to win. Its simply the truth. Those four players are all good, but its clear when Optic is playing their game that there isn't a question in terms of which roster is superior. That is why guys like Pistola, Mikwen, and even Huke seem to "under-perform" when they run into Optic firing on all cylinders.
  7. Royal 2 plays his role perfectly. Huke is nice, but get real...he's not even as good as Snakebite let alone the best player in the game. Snakebite dropped a giant poop on nV in that series whereas Huke fell back down a notch like he typically does against that roster (this isn't a knock, it just reaffirms the strength of the four on Optic).
  8. Damn he threw the chair with so much force that you can't even see whats left of it anymore....
  9. Whether he was drinking or not is to be determined by toxicology reports. He was almost certainly speeding, which is something he'd brag about from time to time on Twitter. RIP to the other passenger as well, who had a wife and child.
  10. How were they "really bad"? He finished Top 8 in 4 of 7 events; with a 4th place finish. Pretty good for a kid that literally came out of nowhere in his first year of competing. The competition in Halo Reach was still legitimate.
  11. Just lost them that flag game. This is the way he's been all H5.
  12. He'll let them stay indefinitely as long as they're liked, just like he has with every other member who currently lives in the house but doesn't compete anymore (BigT, MBoze). There was like a year-long period wherein BigTymer was spending all of his time focusing on the stock market, he wasn't streaming or putting out any videos, and Hecz still let him stay in the house.
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