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  1. yall thought i was joking but im really not
  2. I just want a Halo: Reach remake
  3. Agree to disagree i guess. They've been playing the same game types since the game came out. Throwing in different ones now would make it more flukey imo. They should stick to the current game types until after worlds.
  4. One good reason is that all the teams would have to learn something completely new in one month's time. That would be ridiculous lol.
  5. I'm pretty sure people were saying to DQ because they were asking for 30 mins..
  6. Lol that play by spartan was awful. Can't comprehend his mindset there. His team mate was already fighting that guy. All he had to do was run the flag
  7. Lol Flame just said "i told him I'd leave too" referring to stellur leaving. No wonder Optic Halo sucks. They don't have any faith in their team.
  8. Well Overdrive winning that game makes me not feel so bad for getting shit on by Vetoed and friends in snipers a while back
  9. Ah ok. Just wondering because I didn't know he had anything to do with Halo.
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