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  1. I've also noticed that another problem I have when I aim is that I whip my shot way to far to the left or right. even when it's right on the enemies head, and it causes me to miss a lot, idk how to break the habit, I do it even when I played on 2 sense
  2. I was playing BR/snipes FFA earlier (H3), and I realized that when I have sniper I almost always when I'm aiming have the sniper on my opponents head, and line up the shot, but I can never pull the trigger on time, my reaction time sucks. Anything to do about this? :/
  3. How do you take advantage without getting god-naded? Any tips on avoiding nades?
  4. Any cheap recommendations? Is their anyway to determine what your TV's input lag is? What speed of input do you wanna have? I can outshoot the average player, just not good players, but I can't snipe point blank period. I actually just started doing this and it's helping slightly.
  5. I've been playing Halo for 6 years, all the way from Halo 3 to now in H2A and have always had a terrible shot, I can move around the map well but never finish my kills. I get out-shot 90% of the time I'm playing against people that actually know how to play the game. I've tried different sensetivities, ranging from 2-6, but nothing seems to help, whenever I see other players head on, my aimer does a wind-mill and I end up getting destroyed. And when it comes to sniping, whenever I miss my snipes, they always seeem to be about an inch away from the persons face, I don't know why that is or why I always miss. I'll be in the best positions with sniper but I'll still miss unless their on flat surface and running in a straight line. And when i put the aimer where I know their head is going to be when they're not going in a straight line, my reaction time is so slow, that when they come around the corner I miss. I also have no clue how to snipe somebody when they're shooting or putting pressure on me. I'm worse with sniper than the BR/DMR, my reaction time is just so slow with it, and I'm assuming nothing can be done about that... I try to practice my shot in octagon and it's better than it is in the actual game. Does anybody do anything to help them shoot better? I've read that copying a persons strafe and barely moving your aimer joystick helps a lot, and I just started trying it, and it's been working, but only against players that aren't that good. When it actually comes to good players i still get out-shot badly. Even if I go in feeling confident like I'm about to destroy them. TLDR: Anybody have any aiming tips? Besides just "practicing"... Because I've been "practicing" for about 6 years now...
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