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  2. New Atheists and other evils are just as spiritual as some Theists, they conduct rituals and practice magic; blood sacrifices to a God or Godhead, casting invisibility, and such (I even imagine they dabble in the 'erb), but by way of things that they have worded, and evolved, to be logical; such as by 'telling a joke', or 'group laughter' (where one on the receiving end of the joke is sacrificed). It's a sick ritual that corporations, the state and Academia have us involved in, and they are supported by the New Atheist movement---they cast invisibility upon their overlords, they sacrifice the intelligent to boost their own and Godheads will. And so, their sources of knowledge are prior magic practices, or ritualistic behaviour, worshipped by, New Atheists and other evils, as logic, in effort to pervert the course of justice. Kinds of magic include: Paedophilia, homosexuality, transsexuality, asexuality (in the magic sense); irrational, nonsensical and perverse behaviour. Irresponsiveness that if followed will lead our children to become irresponsive themselves, but in the magic sense. Beware! Your own stupidity, may lead you to repent this thread, and insult the thread creator, because you have New Atheists, and other evils, amongst yourselves, and New Atheists probably have a hand in moderation. If you so much as read their word you cause yourself mental suffering, and potentially support the murder of future generations by way of a ritual-induced fool's death. New Atheists will repent this thread.
  3. I 4 the downvotes to my posts immeidately. I hope you do too!
  4. 4 are equal and opposite with 4; so the golden ratio would be 4, rather than 8. I'm not sure what 8 is, other than rhythm of 4; it may be the wrong term and you may be correct.
  5. To begin, I took the concept of wordlessness, and a word-world (as described in Gene Ray's theory of Timecube), and realized them; being against words, and for the wordlessness. In a wordless world, there are many ways that one can, hypothetically, speak about one's experience, for there are no language restrictions. Words are also very virus-like---it's not the fact I want to speak or think~in~words sometimes---it's the fact I'm forced to as my, academic, rotary-educated tongue, will not stop annotating everything that I sense. I conceptualized myself in an environment where I was wordless, and immediately, for sentient understanding, I tried to find a golden ratio that would make my experience make sense. I came to the conclusion the answer was the number 4; for all that I could see in this wordless world is composed of a front, back, left, right, top, bottom, inside and outside---from whichever way I look at it---and from a stood still position with myself and the object facing each other. Four sets of opposites in harmony, a quad-helix existence for every member of the universe. I then took the number 4, and it's roots, 1, 2 and 3, and applied meaning to them that would be harmonious with myself and one another ([Myself]: for that's the experience that I could be sure of). I visualized myself expressing the question: "in order of importance, what are the 4 most important aspects of myself?" and came to the conclusion: 1=my sperm, 2=my self, 3=my mate, 4=my central-nervous-system. 1= "my sperm" because sperm is the source of myself, and my sperm is a requirement for myself to continue. 2= "my self" because it's the product of the sperm which came before me, and it's important to recognize if I want to keep my sperm live. 3= "my mate" because it's the opposite to my self that I require for the reproduction of my genetics, so that they may survive into the future and experience life as product of our family. 4= "my central-nervous-system" because it's the centre to all of my skills, traits, senses, limbs, etc. It's required that I understand it to keep my sperm live, keep my self surviving, and find a mate for reproduction. I then simplified the concept to: 1=source, 2=product, 3=anti-source, 4=centre, and realized that I could apply the number string to anything. In the case of the universe, 1=the universe's source, 2=the universe, 3=nature (the imperfect oscillation, opposite to the perfect sequence of 1, 2), 4=centres of energy. I noticed that from where I was stood on the planet, there must be 4 days occurring at once, because at any given time, the Sun appears in four different time-zones that are harmonious and opposite to each other; I called these, morning, evening, day and night. I also recognized the Sun and Earth masculine/feminine binary. I assumed the Earth was cubic, because of myself, the shape of the Sun, stars and planets in the reaches of space that I could see. The Sun and Earth binary had acted as if each member was of cubic proportion, but both had appeared to be spherical. I visualized the Sun and Earth, and it was my very visualization that had hinted to me the answer as to why they appeared as spheres and not cubes. As oppose to the 1= my sperm, 2= my self, 3= my mate, 4= my central nervous system---was my spirit; the opposite and harmonious 4, made out of, not numbers and meanings, but out of colours and forms, which I had understood when I traced back from 4, it's roots (1, 2 and 3). I also realized that the imperfect oscillation {i.e. nature} to a cube is a sphere. There are four spirits but only one of four can be explained using 1, 2, 3 and 4: 1= colourless, 2= black and white, 3= primary colours (can be explained), 4= rainbow coloured. These spirits remain, or are drained from, everything in the universe; including planets, people, etc. I applied these spirits to my visualization of the Earth and Sun: I imagined the colourless as the core of Earth; the black and white as everything outside of the core of Earth; the primary colours as the motion of Earth (explained as, blue, red, green and yellow simultaneous time-zones); and the rainbow coloured as the perceived Earth. I kept the faith that it was these four spirits, as well as nature, that had caused the Earth and Sun to appear spherical. And there we have it! Ineffable, harmonious and opposite truth that 4 can be applied to anything in the universe and that thing can be understood. Including the spirit. Debate or discuss...​ The Light in the Darkness. In the beginning, Lucifer created the Light, and the Light showed him the way through the darkness that lay within, but the darkness that was beyond him, was too great for his Light to conquer; and so he created, through a bloody ritual, Jesus the righteous and Muhammad, the prophet. Lucifer knew that even they could not make it through the dark, but sent them forth as a final sacrifice, to what end, he knew not of. Each was given half of his Light to hold, leaving Lucifer in the void of himself to watch over them, as they and his Light, showed him the ways. There soon came a time where the dark overcame their Lights, it forced them to go dim, and the once departed became the lost, each alone, and unknowing the other. Muhammad threw his Light into the darkness beyond, following his Father's footsteps, but Jesus kept hold of his Light, against his Father's footsteps. Muhammad was then consumed by the darkness, but Jesus, encircled by the dim light, was saved. From the depths that lay beyond Jesus had come a mystical force; it caused Jesus to draw in the Light that encircled him; but then, he exploded with a great Light, and rushed into the darkness... ​ Ritualistic Lucid Dreaming​ 1. In a Lucid Dream... 2. Use the power for good rather than self, by focusing the infinite energy into a small point of focus, such as, an illuminati triangle;​ 3. When dream power is focused, recite any words, or force any imagery, into the lucid screen that has come up inside the focal point you had created.​ 4. It will downgrade to​ a normal dream in the format that you wished, or you may gain new mental, and maybe physical (though I've not experienced any yet), powers.
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    Well, I just got into something important so can't continue doing this, but I closed my eyes quick and after 5 seconds saw a side profile view of a face with a long, floppy, nose.
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    I'm swimming now if anyone wants to see if I can truly read minds.
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    1 more? Someone volunteer. Before I got to bed and listen to Justin Bieber. EDIT: Good night. What do you mean?
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