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  1. Sry but this is just hyperbole to the max from him now. I noticed that there isnt much hype around CoD at the moment, but i dont think that BO3 will fail in regards to Esports etc
  2. Its probably nothing at the end...
  3. So you already know what it is... tell us. :P
  4. Have they said that we will see some announcements? I only know about the Invitational. Do we know how long this tournament is on Friday? Os is there more on Saturday? Not sure if i can watch on Friday
  5. People just really dont know what they are talking about when they say that Battlefront looks like a Battlefield reskin...
  6. nobody from Liquid really cares about the Objective... so many bad plays
  7. The pro team at the end are just better Q/A players. Yes they give feedback etc but its not their decision what gets the cut or what gets added. Cant wait fot that AR galore starts...
  8. The game still looks rough in this screenshots...
  9. That happens when you have no regional search options and no Dedicated servers...
  10. Ive played that Alpha and you are so wrong. I for one really dont care about Fallout 4. It looks boring. Not sure if you noticed it, but this generation so far we have a ton of open world games and more to come... Thats something im already really tired about.
  11. Cool that you know that. I didnt.
  12. Swap Fallout4 with Battlefront. Fallout 4 is cool and all but at the end just another open world singleplayer game. Star Wars on the other side already has a lot of hype going and people are very hungry for Star Wars stuff.
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