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  1. This actually looks super rad. Especially for a 2v2 map. Def will check it out!
  2. I agree with some of this and think they should take some of the criticism...some being the key word. You guys did an awesome job for AGL 7 and kept me entertained. I've enjoyed watching gameplay and broadcasts since 06 and talking about the olden days brings me back. Keep up the good work dudes! Stoked for what's to come...although slightly bummed Ghandi is going to cast less and less often. Guess you have to go into the real world sometime! Lol
  3. Oh hello there! Rb d00b here reaching out for local WA players. There is def some good players out here!!!! What's up with local LANs! Hit me up on Rb d00b for customs, throwdown, local lans, etc...
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