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  1. Fuck I forgot to change my fantasy roster for this week's matches
  2. Fuck yeah I'm 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd in all of the Fantasy Leagues that I joined on time. Just need to get on that top 15. @@Moses_FPS How do I leave a league?
  3. Predictions - RNG 3-1 E6 3-1 CLG 3-0 TL 3-2 Fantasy - Royal 2, Huke, Ninja, Spartan LET'S DO THIS
  4. I could see that. I'm so hyped for both E6 matches this week, gonna let the Hukemania run wild brother.
  5. When I first read about him coming over from COD I thought that he was going to be in for a rude awakening. I think he first got started running with Aries and he seemed to be hanging with them and whatnot but nothing really stood out at first. But then Regionals happened, and I thought OK maybe there's something there. By Worlds it was pretty much confirmed that he was talented and at present time that talent is blatantly obvious. Agree on the personality clashes to say the least lol. Same here, I'm going to have the popcorn out for that one.
  6. What's funny is the old Denial roster saying Huke wasn't learning fast enough. Dude didn't have a negative k/d for any series in the entire month of May and still hasn't into June, and his h2h ratio is almost always positive. Kid's decision-making is on point so it's just laughable when you think of what Denial said and really just says there was a bunch of bullshit behind the scenes.
  7. Just re-watched that RNG / ALG series, nothing but straight goosebumps when @@Ninja was going off. They need to improve a bit on Flag but what a great showing on Slayer and SH.
  8. 3 Fantasy teams: Frosty, Bubu Dubu, Ninja, Spartan Snakebite, Huke, Contra, Stellur Royal2, Suspector, Commonly, Ola Need some huge points tonight guys.
  9. Honestly, fantasy makes spectating games infinitely more interesting. Major shoutout to @@aFreudianTrip and @@Moses_FPS
  10. FUCK I dropped 13 spots to 34th in this week's fantasy. It's alright, just registered on the site and ready for the next round
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