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  1. Hello #GearsFam, Although many of you may not know but today there has been an unexpected announcement regarding a new hire. Gears of War Community forumer Seriously Soapy has announced that he joined Black Tusk Studios as a QA tester for Gears of War. Seriously Soapy joins the team alongside other noteable community hires: Falloutt (Community Representative) & SYN Strangulate (QA tester). This is a good sign for the community, as Black Tusk are looking in the community to fill the "non-technical" positions; which is fantastic. Could we see more community hires in the future? It's very much possible. Share your thoughts below. -Deathlok
  2. the addition of TDM suggests that its taking that approach. As for best bits, i dont think it would mean weapons as "bests bits of the game" at all, but game mode (TDM) and maybe all character & maps for instance.. but none of gears 3 mechanics & weapons would count imo.. focus is on the gears 1 stuff. the best bits would be more an extra content in addition to the gears 1 stuff imo. Seen a forum post by the guy who said also I'd like to point out, remastered & remake are both totally different things.. remastered is where the devs updates the graphical stuff of the game & other minor improvements (lighting, textures etc) whereas a remake, is bringing the OG to the modern area by making use of modern software & hardware while sticking to the story and improving on it as well as graphical update. An example of a remake is Halo: CE anniversary also with the addition of TDM & KOTH its definitely a remake than a mere remaster,
  3. There is a guy on Gears of War forums, saying that Gears of War 2 & 3 are coming as ports & has two sources. While another guy iamironwolf said he has a contact with a playtester which he said gears 2 & 3 are coming. I'm thinking it might be a unified MP taking the best bits out of Gears 1, 2 & 3 Thats fake, well not exactly fake, its Gears of War PC in 4k resolution. A remake would look completely different.
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