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  1. Has anyone from 343 said anything about a Team Doubles playlist? I've been waiting for it since launch day.
  2. So if LBX actually decides to move on from Halo. Roy Snipedown Suspector Naded??? This is the only time I'll ask for opinions.
  3. New thruster glitch that I found. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Hyperle7hal/video/15757334 Will be making a video going more in depth soon.
  4. Can't wait to play Breakout on arena maps this weekend, said no one ever. Why is team doubles not a playlist yet? It's not like people don't want it.
  5. No description was entered
  6. Add me if you don't want to run games by yourself, I'm diamond 5 on both arena and slayer, if that means anything. GT is Hyperle7hal.
  7. It took ME about 6-7 hours to beat it on Heroic. Easy should take like 4-5 hours max.
  8. Awesome, so fucking close. (Also, @@Moa, getting a refund for my digital copy of H5 was the easiest thing ever, I didn't even think it was possible before you told me)
  9. So has anyone confirmed if the MP servers will go up for everyone once the game is out in New Zealand?
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