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  1. Betting $20 every series is a lot. When $5 isn't much at all was my point
  2. 20 is not 5 which usually what halo money 8s is or $10. And it's not a random group of people either
  3. yeah me tj and blaze were sooo far ahead at the beginning first two events.
  4. No I meant individually. But I also said at the beginning
  5. All I have to say is 3.5 million of that 4.5 million was fair game. Only money that ams didn't have a chance for was season 1 and 2 pro league finals
  6. I actually lagged out right as they got the 2nd flag out. They would've got it tho regardless cus I think I was last alive
  7. we both played a 13 game series before we played eachother so we only did half a scrim
  8. I never go positive online even when I was on top 2 teams. At tournaments I like to think I turn up pretty well tho. Def the last couple events
  9. Lol it doesn't even make sense cus we changed it for worlds. So if it was tmmt Crowd Pleasers it would be a honest mistake. But how on earth do they randomly put it as pnda. When we are just Crowd Pleasers now
  10. Lol it's funny how many people believe any of this is true cus literally all of this is false. Making suspector and stellur the highest paid halo players outside of me and bubu isn't screwing them over imo
  11. Vegas but since its from Canada it takes like a month to process
  12. We haven't had a org nor have got paid from events for such a long time. Cory simply can't afford it
  13. We are staying a team of 3. We will be looking for one for Daytona/ pro league
  14. My team isn't under anyone. Money matches helped us for last event. Now that worlds is over we will be looking for a org to represent
  15. All those things are just accusations and I was given a bigger fine cus I said shit on stream. When other people do far worse things at events and don't get anything
  16. we did get 4th and I talked to 2 343 and 1 esl employee saying that if we didn't go to St. Louis it wouldn't effect anything for us including our seed for worlds. So for them to not announce worlds seeding was based on points and not just placings from vegas you'd think we'd have the seed we placed

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