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  1. can somebody explain $2s and $8s to me? why do people play for money? why not just, like, play games? why bet money when you're picking your teammates out of a random group of 8 people?


    it would be like betting $20 on every pickup basketball game at the park near my house ... just, why?

    20 is not 5 which usually what halo money 8s is or $10. And it's not a random group of people either
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  2. 271.gif

    E6 had money and they flew their team out to events. ok.

    But they also attacked the forums multiple times for "posting memes", joined in with MoneyMatches in creating fake twitter accounts to attack anyone who said anything bad about E6 on twitter.

    They allowed Cratos to break multiple rules and make a total ass of himself and their org and did nothing about it.

    They fucked over Stellur and Suspector when they were changed the amount for their contracts, which was a big reason why those players even left their teams to join anyways.

    They allowed Showtime to sign into Stellur's account and not give any punishment.

    Instead of releasing Bubu Dubu when they left the scene, they decided to hold him, and charge an overly insane amount of money that no org would buy out. Until MoneyMatches did, just to give the contract to Pnda.

    And they worked alongside Cratos and Showtime to make sure Bubu/Shooter got fucked over by allowing them to submit a false roster and steal the pro league spot.

    But yeah, one of the best orgs that Halo has ever seen.

    Lol it's funny how many people believe any of this is true cus literally all of this is false. Making suspector and stellur the highest paid halo players outside of me and bubu isn't screwing them over imo
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