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  1. Exactly lol. Have you ever watched a sport? It's fun seeing a team that isn't supposed to go deep in a tournament make a good run. To me it makes no difference just saying single elim is way more exciting Cus anything can happen and it doesn't have to happen twice lol
  2. I'm just saying some players and fans are so worried about getting 6th and not 8th just took away the chance of a random team getting top 4 or even winning a event now that it's double elim. Idk that's just my opinion it was a lot more fun with single elim but I didn't get 8th ever so idk how bad that sucks all I know is a team like elevate got top 4 when normally they wouldn't have ever had a chance at that in a double elim. Eg winning X games wouldn't have ever happened in double elim
  3. With double elim now that all the players cried about it's now way harder. Good job guys
  4. lol other than the players on clg who played better than me at the event? like did you guys watch cus watching the rebroadcast at the event even after I clutched games or went big people still said I sucked but when it came down to it in the biggest event no one ( other than clg) out preformed me hate on that all you want but you can watch it for yourself and my teammates from alg agree to that too cratos out
  5. idk how you get what I'm saying is bashing. saying victory isn't close to the level of Spartan and stellar is almost fact unless you are a fanboy. I know what victory had accomplished 6 years ago I watched I was a final boss fan. we lost to clg cool who wouldn't have. sorry eg got merked by stellur and we didn't get to play them but the team we did have to play was rng where two people were blowing it harder than the other two and we won. as for not beating denial I fixed the problem and picked up the 2 players I wanted from that team. sorry I got 2nd guys I will get 8th next time for yall much love
  6. usually played close to 15 hours a day pre worlds it would only bug me towards the end. you def have to condition them. when I quite in h4 for a long time I came back and I felt sore really fast
  7. theres no payout online but only the top 4 teams from pro league get the compete for the money. that's the problem. I'm fine with 4 teams only get paid that's awesome more money but the 5-8 don't get a chance at that is whack
  8. well the point is pro league is top 4 advance when my team and denial 2nd 3rd place team last season were losing to teams that didn't make worlds lol. in that scenario we would play a am team to have kept our pro league spot and 13-0 a am team on lan when last season we went to finals and beat the teams that would've made it to the last 4. other than clg online with these servers mean nothing
  9. okay cus they are the best by far. other teams like you guys are the best online and get 8th every event
  10. there wasn't any competition when qualifiers were happening pre worlds dif story. also in scrims wed get destroyed even pre regionals by top 8 teams
  11. halo is like the only scene that looks so much into scrims haha. online is fake in this game thats why only 4 team get to play for cash is beyond dumb my team last season and denial were the worst pro teams online and on lan the lowest we placed was 3rd but online we wouldve gotten 7th or 8th.
  12. by drop I mean not see them since this game came out or went from everyday to once every few weeks.
  13. YES follow my youtube for some vlogs of us in the E6 jet
  14. i know you guys saw the team announcement but heres a video explaining more into detail and me and bubus plan for the future
  15. No running with other teams as of now gonna decide by Friday
  16. posted a new video on my YouTube this one is just a game play working on two others so sub if you haven't already
  17. That's our team name and those are the letters to use to make it short

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