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  1. it is fun man anyone can win and you never use a long range
  2. Yeah I honestly think with how much we play my team will compete for first by the time the events happen. I think I got 3 of 6 players outside of CLG that could compete with them
  3. yeah last season the same thing was supposed to happen as well. I don't take anything people say to heart most of you are fans of other teams or don't even watch halo or know much of it. I just like picking people's brains as to why and what their eyes see. I know we played really bad at pax that was only 1 day. If it was liquid rng envy that did bad one day they'd still be a top 4 team lol. It's funny seeing what some people write like goldenboy coming in here saying denial will make it out with optic rng and us in the pool lol they lost to us 13-0 and lost to soul in scrims. I just like seeing where that kinda logic comes from
  4. true Man you're right my team isn't that good. We are just a average top 8-12 team
  5. You guys are taking it to the extreme. He formed the team for the tournament then the day before they got in a really huge fight where he felt disrespected enough to not want to team him.
  6. talked to him the night before he was all good he just said he hated prototype. When I text him it still comes up blue meaning his phone is charged and not dead still. He will be back just probably didn't wanna associate with his made up team
  7. As Gary's closest friend in the community I would say don't worry about him. He hasn't replied to me but he's fine.
  8. Burton was kind enough to help out again and miss a couple days of practice
  9. by far the greatest 2nd place team that's every walked this planet losing to the 6th 7th best team is pretty embarrassing to me idk I should've said arguebaly murdered my b
  10. lol the 8 times previous to that in tournament we beat rng really really easy. And they took two maps off of us Cus we weren't expecting OS glitches the first two. You could say we would've beat liquid 9/10 times and that was there one super lucky series vs us. As for eg who knows they did get murdered by a team that I thought was a easy win and for denial we took them to a game7 when we played our worst series with far to many chokes. I wonder where you guys get this stuff did you guys not watch halo all season of just a few online scrims? Just curious as to why my team last season sucked when we made quick work of almost every team we ever played.
  11. they aren't getting free wins in single elim they are still going to have to make the upsets happen and still win their matches.
  12. the seeds were very accurate. What happened was us denial and eg lost to top 8 teams. If we had won those games the brackets would've been fair no?

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