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  1. Just so you guys know I'm not a troll or trolling I'm a very serious person and I say it like it is
  2. It's up to the people on these forums now to make changes we will have no voice soon. I'm counting on y'all
  3. That was boring I literally tweeted 5 mins after worlds and said sorry for it being so boring lol
  4. like I said the stuff he was saying and doing behind the scenes that I know about the whole community wouldn't like the guy he's tried to slander me so many times it's funny
  5. No upsets no close series. Teams that should've won did. Just making a statement. Then at the end hoping there's something fun coming up Cus there's not a actual tournament forever
  6. that guy is the shadiest 343 employee lol he should know not to try to say something funny lol
  7. Yes elumnite is a coach. Anarchy isn't he went to go chill and help some friends out. What time does it start tomorrow this is about to be lit
  8. more options with the sticky in the cave. Not only to nade weapons but to fight and to make a sneaky play. No reason to change something that was working good. Coli big problem is that blue and red base aren't even. That's what they should fix first
  9. Well I sure as hell wouldn't trust some of the pros judgements let alone people that don't compete. If coaches are aloud then the semi pros should be too
  10. Should be 1 person per team no coaches should in anyway be incloved because they don't understand like the players do. Also you people thinking pros shouldn't have the say... there aren't people on this planet that look at maps and fluidity of maps like we do we spend more time than any worker or fan playing them most of us can tell what does and doesn't work. The calls I've been apart of don't last long no one barley talks we only talk about specifics. When we drop our plans and talk for 5 minutes and it's over. I agree you could say pros only want what's best for them that's why you have all the teams talking with one two teams talking that could easily be happening. I'm not trying to complain Cus in all honesty I will play whatever settings even if it was storm rifle starts or infection I love comp halo whatever it is. But I am trying to save halo and I've been saying we need ar and radar forever so that casuals enjoy it more. But there needs to be a balance as well they are getting obsessed with hydras and plasma caster now wanting fuel rod in is a must or something. I'm for these changes btw most of them at least some don't make sense but the testing process was done the wrong way. Halo forcing maps and gametypes to work doesn't make them work. And not even to be a dick but whoever is making these maps are messing up bad. Making maps unbalanced. Honestly with stasis probably being a map if I was ever blue team in flag I would be pissed knowing the red team will always have the advantage. Taking stickies out of cave on coli to nade snipe like why that was awesome and fun and it was still competitive but no we need a boltshot instead
  11. he means top 4 from pro league Are the only ones that get to play at the event
  12. If there's pool play in a online 16 team tourney I believe it should be single elim
  13. My point is if they made it anymore than top 8 it will no longer be earned but simply achieved. There's is no competition outside 9 good teams maybe so if they make it 10-12 teams it will basically be handed to teams.
  14. Well this isn't MLG this is a online pro league. Y'all complaining about money should've went to eglx and made a quick buck. I'm sure more events will be announced for everyone
  15. Well you shouldn't have been ground pounding every spawn for the first two months this game was out and teamed with people who didn't equally put in the time or has the same goal. You can easily have a job and play halo. There's not a single pro other than maybe naded that played anywhere near the amount I played and I worked 12 hour days until x games
  16. I personally rather have the money pool for the people who worked hardest for it which is the top 8 teams why should teams form and make money makes no sense. They can get orgs and get a few hundred a month. Or just stream. People don't ne d charity from the people hosting the league
  17. how long has it been since teams outside of that made good money? Lol
  18. it will be a better story line if there's only 8 and a good team doesn't qualify and then they do at the end of the season
  19. the difference from pax was eg was a team and optic envy and us were 4 people wearing the same shirt. After so little practice it was playing randoms 4s still. Eg has been a team forever and they added a player better than all of them. The other 3 teams were brand new. The Envy now doesn't lose that series being up 2-0.
  20. I think soul and elevate can beat out both liquid and optic online. Just saying don't be suprised if one of those two teams don't make it in
  21. These are the Nike sb what the dunks one of the rarest most sought after shoes if I could have any pair in the world it would be these. They have a crazy story behind them and has lots of history behind it. They might seem a little to crazy for most but I couldn't be happier that I found a pair.

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