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  1. All the orgs besides us take a cut I'm pretty sure maybe one team in there doesn't
  2. shooter is good. He just does what everyone else on the team doesn't want to do. I originally brought him on the team to be the main slayer then Huke started being a savage so he filled in where he has to if we streamed our pro scrims more you'd all see how much he does for us to play our game and to elevate our game and play style
  3. I'm not mad at anything first of all it's actually funny that no one will play us. Second I didn't even read what you posted in chat I just banned you just like I would ban any other pro who posts in my stream
  4. my problem is the ruling. Said it 3x that they lagged out
  5. It was just convenient for them both times. Both times screwing us and both times being ruled to favor them. we honestly will never know what happened. How on god earth do they side with them both times without even watching the game out and seeing the advantage we had and discrediting our positions. That's cray
  6. I literally put that they lagged out. I know they lagged out lagging out isn't quiting out...
  7. Game one they get a great start off go up 1-0 they pull a flag we kill 2 shoot flag runner lags out. Us 3 up them about to be fresh 3 dead. They restart 1-0 and get to start the map they obviously have the edge off the break and do the same. Plaza slayer we 3 down them I get new snipe snipe one looking at last guy we have total map control they lag out. And we replay with no map position no power weapon. If they wanted to be cool about it they would've accepted they were at a extreme disadvantage and do a full restart game 2 but they cried to the admins for them to only get 11 kills. So I'm being serious. Y'all would cry so hard if your favorite team got full map control and power weapons and then the other team lags out once again. And you play from the break that if it doesn't go perfect the other team can literally just play for trades with very few kills left in the game. K I'm done just wanted to post this so you guys knew the scenario Cus you guys honestly couldn't tell or something from whatever point of view it was showing
  8. we did get the okay had nothing to do with us on our end
  9. my point is 1. if optic didnt qualify and my team or another team that doesnt bring in big fans did this theyd kick us due to the rules and let optic in. 2. who knows that naded actually didnt get dropped from the team and since the only punishment is that he cant compete for 7 weeks he would just say hes stepping down. 3. whats keeping other players who cant compete for a month due to something qualify a team fairly easy in the lcq and then bounce. 4. and 7 week ban basically is literally nothing it doesnt effect brett in anyway because him not being on that team he wouldnt be able to get on a pro team till next season anyways 5 is it actually fair to the other teams that got knocked out of the lcq by them/ i dont know what they should do to him or the team but it damn sure needs to be more than that
  10. thats literally a joke he carries them to pro league and can leave with the only penalty is not competing for not even 2 months lol players from other teams like elevate for example just lost out on tons of money because of that it there careers and the guy gets punished for nothing thats like us hiring another player to qualify for us then retire lol

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