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  1. great and I respect and understand that I like to watch halo too. Esl is obviously skipping those matches for a reason and that reason is to not make you guys mad lol you guys don't even know if it'll be streamed or not either
  2. was talking about watching the knockout matches. First two matches don't really establish much I was saying I'm curious who makes it in not who wins the warm up free for all on truth or the first round I already explained it'll take a miracle for liquid to not make it through.
  3. we also lost scrims to am teams before we beat rng and envy in pro league. Scrims are scrims
  4. Also both 343 and esl are million dollar companies if you don't think they can hire a beeper for 3 days you're delusional. They pay people salary to drink coffe at the office 5 days a week
  5. I can literally get on twitch and put a delay on it right now. Sit there a put a sound everytime a bad word is said. I'm also bad with computers so someone who knows what they are doing could make that easier. I agree some words can't be said. But cuss words will be said. All words even some words that were mentioned can be offensive to some. I will never stop cussing when I'm streaming or competing I say the same shit when I play soccer. If you're there at the live event just at live sports you'll hear bad words some way worse than anything a halo player will say. But for the stream just beep it out if it's a big deal
  6. 10 second stream delay and have someone beeping those words out. Super simple fix you can't control what you say sometimes. And if they wanna use our voices and be safe it takes one person to just sit there and beep things out
  7. It's pretty well known in the eu side that snipedrone was by far the best player. Now I think it's kimbo
  8. my settings on my go pro was at 20fps lol I can make it 60fps so I will see next video if it comes out better if not. E6 got me
  9. I think it's weird bringing a big camera around I have the 4K go pro. If it's not good enough what should I get
  10. Actually all 4 players can be on top 3 teams. Seen a YouTube video about it
  11. was our series vs rng at worlds anywhere near as emotional clutch amazing any other words if it was double elim? I swear I seen 20 people crying after it. Both work. Halo works with double but halo works with single as well
  12. 600 on eBay would prob be the only way you could find them. It's supreme so it's hard to get
  13. To add to this. it Has nothing to do with having a career or the time
  14. support. E6 is gonna be uploading a lot and need yalls support to do it ya feel. And shooter is entertaining

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