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  1. because it doesn't mater how fast a weapon kills someone it doesn't make the weapon better than a pistol br or dmr. Why is the sniper better at long range why is the shotty the best at point blank why are autos the best at close range and your pistol is a utility weapon
  2. join my lobby I will give you 100$ if you kill me with a auto 1v1
  3. there is a hugeeee skill gap in this game. Even on the pro end so idk how people say it reduces skill gap. Why don't we use no auto aim a plasma pistols only that would be the hardest halo
  4. yeah take out the one thing they spent the most time on balancing the other weapons because we want br only and get rid of the other 15 guns that make the game fun
  5. I don't need to learn to write to make 200k a year I play video games for a living if you didn't know I use my thumbs and control a big guy in my tv screen
  6. didn't like overgrowth or riptide last season they changed some things I see overgrowth hill as competitive now. And riptide still doesn't work. You try to fix things some things work some don't that's the point of a test
  7. you can attack side bases from 3 ways so you have options then getting bottom mid takes numbers and positioning so many ways to get to it but you need to be pretty close to be able to fight the people in if. So many different angles and if you don't have a teammate with you on that map and you die your team is at a big disadvantage because of where the middle hill is. It also gives you a fast way to rotate from side base to side base if you can beat the other team to the spawn of chokehold.
  8. they changed the map and want to see what people think. Overgrowth hill actually works well but people wouldn't know that Cus everything is ass
  9. These are being tested we are testing them. We give them data and feedback and they change things. Everybody acting like the world is over
  10. ryanoob probably won't be on a pro team we could get him to commentate some
  11. oh yeah I seen that I was talking about pro league payouts
  12. we don't even know e6fanboy lol def not us I just know he follows me on Twitter and recently changed his @ to that
  13. I play with friends. So happened my freinds became really really good at this game. I would team with am players and get top 8 before I team with people I don't like. And get top 4
  14. E6 fan boy is a Twitter follower of mine and my teams. Btw idk if you're serious about that part. You should know by now Idc how I'm perceived by the audience or the people I work along side ( other halo pros) I literally only care to compete and if I did care about anything else it would be the money not what people think of me.
  15. You do know that me bubu and Suspector are really good friends and that bubu and ayden have been playing together since they were like 12 and same goes for stellur. We are just playing competitive customs
  16. I support Barcelona because I believe in their philosophy's and how they go about things I feel connected to them and not to other teams. They focus on talent not size they don't want the best players they want the best teammates. Time and time again they develope or get players that people don't consider great but by putting them in the team in the system that's the best in the world it's hard to argue they aren't the best players when the team plays that well together. It's all about what you find yourself apart of. Not about winning Also that brings up how the people in charge of halo need to do a better job at marketing the team and the players of all the pro teams so they can build a bigger fan base. I watch all the cod and csgo things that have to do with that but I don't care for the games at all.
  17. this is bubu exact words lol not mine we were laughing at this. cus it happens way to often
  18. no me and bubu were watching the rebroadcast together and jesse was laughing at the fact he was having off games and they said that about him and didnt mention shooter going off lol

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