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  1. it's just halo I'm sure he will be fine regardless. Def with his best friends being some of the best in the world lol
  2. You guys literally can't take a joke. Blain is a person always in my stream I am cool with him. Y'all are so weird I swear
  3. today was the first day we lost to anyone that isn't nv or optic. And we lost by 1 game and won the last 5??
  4. You must have heard me wrong Cus this is written wrong btw.
  5. E6 is great to us. They do everything we ask and more and have our backs with anything and everything and ask nothing in return it's not a buisness for them it's a family. I never spoke to Braedon about joining Cus I didn't ask him Suspector did so idk how he could say I told him what we made Cus he didn't hear that from my mouth till after we were a set team. When I asked Suspector he said he'd join 100% and he asked about salary when he was asking Braedon to join. Braedon said things you couldn't take back and disrespected my team and my org Cus he was not happy being the highest paid player outside of me and Jesse. jesse even offered to give up 2000 of his own salary so they'ed stop talking about it and move on. Our owner accidentally sent me and jesses revised contracts to stellur and Suspector and when he noticed he sent him the fixed one with 1500 a month. E6 thought that 2500 a month had to be earned and we haven't accomplished anything as of yet the pro league didn't even start so I guess that triggered them. At no time did our owner till him what he was going to make nor lie to him. If that's the impression any of you got. As of now I'm happy with the squad and excited For this upcoming season. Everything is all good from our end and I hope stellur the best of luck. He's a cool dude and I hope one day he understands all this from the other perspective.
  6. We don't need the money and Im donating most of it if not all. We came because it's a 64 team tournament why wouldn't we this is so fun to be at
  7. google meanings of six its not that hard to figure out. def when you play video games that have to do with armys
  8. You must not know e6 if you think a gaming org could buy anything from them
  9. Google.com/flights took me 9 seconds found them under 300
  10. All I see is how people can't afford events. I get its tough out there but if you actually care to go it's very very likely you can make it out. I've made it to every event sometimes with 30$ in my pocket. I've had teammates save up coins to go compete. Rather have events in la and Vegas then a random city or state.
  11. the point is the pistol can be used at all distances therfore you start with it. The other weapons you need to put yourself in a position to use them otherwise you get a free kill on someone trying to use them. Making a skill gap knowledge of the map your surroundings and when to use what weapons. Even at the pro level I kill guys trying to smg and ar me all the time Cus they take the risk having the weapon out or not. Everything tAkes skill from a smg to a shotty

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