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  1. You have no idea what you are talking about if you're talking about us
  2. Yup it's crazy for one of the orgs that came into halo and tried to help their players with absolutely zero return that did nothing but good. Get ridiculed and made fun of so bad by this community they don't even want to step back into the space and the orgs we want in our community offer barley anything to their players and ask for their very little of earnings.
  3. One they aren't a org. Two we don't have a org. Three Money matches is just helping us out with event costs
  4. These wings are so good with Cajun fries. Might crack open a soda even
  5. Really wish they made the lcq single elim. The hype would be on another level.
  6. Love my team I've never had so much fun on squad. So no not us. Even tho I really do like Devon I wish him the best
  7. Oh makes sense didn't know the points from before St. Louis counted
  8. less than a week before that I was teaming with suspector and they didn't have the the e6 seed cus me and Ayden did. I mean that's not the only way I can get into the pro league cus I obviously have been in it for 2 seasons. You're acting like I still don't have to work really hard to qualify for worlds and to stay in the pro league. I still do have the opportunity to prove people wrong. And am still excited about my new team
  9. I don't feel guilty at all. If Jesse would have not been able to play I would feel bad but I also wouldn't have done it if that was the case. Also the rules were not bent for me at all. If anything it was bent for Jesse. Y'all tripping about something so insignificant
  10. I won at relegations in my mind I do deserve to be in the pro league
  11. This is normal in every other esport/ professional sport and halo seems to be the one thing in life where signing a contract means nothing I guess.
  12. You guys are making such wild assumptions lol. Bubu and friends were in the loop. And they are still gonna play. They said they were okay with playing through am so we moved forward with it. Chill y'all are making a bid deal out of something the people involved aren't making a big deal out of
  13. how would you know if we voted on it if you weren't on the team when we started the season?
  14. I mean it wasn't your choice to make anyways so typing this is besides the point

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