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  1. Not gonna give the competition any ideas lol but if you watch enough halo you'll start to see a few pick stick out the next few weeks
  2. Crowd Pleasers- nemy bubu commonly and myself These tournaments need to hurry up Congrats on frosty now if only other top teams did this there's 4 or 5 players just as good
  3. Is it just me or do they need to narrow it down a least a little there's so many gametypes. Didn't even know this was a gametype till today
  4. Got top 8 both LAN events which we lost to 1st place and 2nd place the first event and lost to 1st and 2nd place at the second event lol. We didn't skip cups it was something else. LAN points should be worth so much more
  5. I'm not playing until h5 or they decide we can go to finals as a wildcard. Cus this is all such bs
  6. Everyone ask for us to play ex on mainstage
  7. Lifestyle works doubles Saturday's couldn't find anyone to cover. 25 points isn't a big deal
  8. Yeah to say online points shouldn't be worth so much is ignorant. My bad champ
  9. Yeah last season elevate qualified via people hitting people offline and noble black qualified through online too. Like that's insane how they can make online matter almost more than LAN events for teams 7-8 and down. Idc what anyone says yesterday was rigged and if you don't think so you're blind. Now teams like ex and rc that deserve the 8th spot are gonna probably lose it due to online
  10. It's dumb how they do tie breaker but it's also dumb how teams are gonna qualify through online. This shouldn't even be worth anything other than money

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