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  1. Well this tournament actually has seeds that matter so eg CLG both can't be in finals but they can match eachother in the semis
  2. I hate iPhones man. I don't even read what I write Cus It's like I didn't type it wrong but auto correct... Haha my b fixed tho
  3. Pool a has 2 teams that can get the 2nd spot. Pool b has 2 teams that can get the second spot Pool c has 3 teams that can get the 2nd spot Pool d liquid and renagades don't even have to practice to get out in all honesty. Gonna be some exciting matches I'm def gonna be watching all these match ups I can.
  4. When did you stop I heard you through the sound proof booth multiple times at X games?
  5. Lanning the 2 teams you have to beat before the event isn't really smart
  6. So who are the top teams for this lcq and who's on the rosters?
  7. The elevation is bothering me and I'm from Colorado lol consistent headaches and I'm always tired. And I'm only 1,000 feet above what I'm used too. Other people will probably be struggling for a day or two more
  8. 5pm eastern is the first match with the stream probably starting a while before that tourny is Thursday-Sunday
  9. Some one please update point list for the teams that singed up for today pleaseeee
  10. If you honestly think this Joseph you're crazy haha. I wouldn't ever ask to join a team. El town would never leave Naded and Suspector doesn't even know them.
  11. I do... But I'm not a bad guy. We should talk some time. Ae won't be making a roster change. Hopefully orgs still want to be apart of this train wreck
  12. We were in a discussion about adderal and I said he look like one from the amount he took in the past never said he was a meth head. And I've literally talked face to face with randa about that and that it wasn't me that said that. You and tj are so fake lol talk to me at events but with your friends or online you guys just run your mouth about me lol.
  13. Like I just said who do I disrespect? What you guys sees on Twitter is literally me tweeting people I'm good friends and text or talk to on a regular basis. You people who don't know much just hype up what I say but in reality those people I talk to at events just fine with. There's only 2 people I don't like in the community. How am I arrogant I never claim anything other than jokingly saying I have the best shot from when I was on cp and we scrimmed str8 sick and he commented that in chat. Me t bagging the people yoU see as gods you guys get so salty but they are more than likely my friends haha. Like I said you don't know me and take everything so literal when we are just having fun. We always say ggs and thank teams for practicing against us. But I'm done here just funny how people that know me like me and people I've never spoke to before have some hatred towards me.
  14. Who do I disrespect lol people don't like me Cus other people don't like me. You guys don't even know me? People literally don't like me Cus we are winning online tournaments.
  15. I'm down if we have 8 good peeps
  16. Hey guys. If any tournaments pop up I will let you guys know. The scene went dead cus they went bankrupt hopefully someone new starts doing them

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