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  1. I'm down to play under optic if I can cAptain and choose the team. Tell hecz to hit the dms I will do it for the community
  2. idk where people get that we grinded more or played more than everyone. All we did is play gamebattles after that we barley played and when we did it wasn't even practice lol and we got 3rd 3rd 2nd. The problem wasn't our skill our skill level is what allowed us to beat teams not the teamwork or communication we just out gunned teams
  3. That was a crazy season. Wish we could've put on a better show in the finals for you guys. Just want to say thank you to everyone who does stuff for this game like keeping scores stats and things us players wouldn't do. Let's make season 2 even better. Everyone who supported my team and I, I couldn't be anymore thankful for you guys you guys do so much for us and to the people who don't like me thank you for pushing me to always get better. Much love <3
  4. Hard to try when you are online and you literally can lose a game when you're the better team and the connection makes you lag everywhere. Then the effort after that happening multiple times a game decreases a lot. As for my team how we communicate and play at events can't be resembled online. Just Cus you don't take scrims serious like my team and a couple others doesn't mean you can't learn from the other team are what your team is doing good/bad
  5. we always sucked in scrims only did good in online cups. But Idc regardless I just wanna see a European team upset someone at finals
  6. http://youtu.be/Wcvsn1pT374 This is how you do a draw lol
  7. Yeah pretty weird people always bad view on them even before I joined. They always went out of there way for me. Idk the whole situation just seems like the noble players just realized how much money they would've had to give up due to the contract with the percent owed to them and thought it would be better to leave. But that's not how it works
  8. When I was apart of noble those guys were nothing but awesome to me. They literally did everything they say they would plus more. Guys are still cool with me
  9. So are they doing another draw after pool play is over where 1st place teams match 2nd place teams and then make a bracket? Or will it be like it was at regionals?
  10. Yes it was posted. And I think 1st seed for a event means 1st seed for the whole event. Not till finals but for regionals. And it doesn't matter now. 1st seed is confirmed lol #selfish
  11. Well it's confirmed that eg will play CLG in semis now so it's not randomized. And it's not selfish for us to want our 1st seed to matter lol I literally played this game more than any player other than maybe Naded we are pretty close. I honestly got mad when I saw it was random but when they sent the schedule I felt a lot better that my time put in meant something.
  12. If you Guys think it's bad imagine how my team feels literally no lifing gamebattles not scrimming a pro team in a month just to earn the 1st seed and to know its for nothing Cus seeds are randomized when it matters lol...
  13. I'm talking about regionals Assuming they both get 1st in their pools which they should.

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