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  1. Ignorance can be bliss. The amount of 2v2, all vehicles on, sniper games we played on sidewinder.. I don't think we played any map outside of blood gulch and sidewinder for months because they didn't have vehicles. Simpler times.
  2. Great post. I think at one point nearly everyone I knew owned a copy of 2k4, even if they weren't really gamers. I wasn't much of an assault player, mostly TDM and FFA but even those were populated by good players and nublets alike. UT3 was such a disappointment (although I much prefer it now to when it released, but that's perhaps because it's so much faster than modern shooters) after 2k4 it was so clunky and slow. I built my pc at the time with the specs for it in mind. The it launched and it was as if they ported Gears of War and added a jump button. I went to update UT4 the other night as I've not played in like 6 months it there's a 9gb patch and my unreal launcher seems so slow. It's a shame they can't seem to entice the casual audience back because to me arena shooters are the most fun to just mess around in. Dueling might be hardcore but FFA is just a hilarious fun mess, across all skill levels.
  3. CE CTF games used to turn into capture the warthog rather than the flag. Great fun. You didn't need destructible vehicles, seeing as how you could out pistol a tank leaving it in the middle of no mans land for anyone brave enough to try and retrieve.For me 2 had the best maps, ce the best gameplay. I find h3 overrated, and I really don't get the love for sandtrap, map was absolute balls. BTB is usually my go to slack around playlist so it's really sucked not having a proper one in H5. When you do queue, if you find a map it's likely to be a join in progress vs a TO8. Such a waste.
  4. This whole casual vs competitive thing is pretty stupid. But then, if the base game was actually FUN this likely wouldn't be an issue. I don't remember anyone crying about how competitive Halo2 was while playing FFA Zanzibar, despite how tryhard matchmaking used to make everyone. Personally some of the games I've had the most casual fun with are hyper competitive games, such as Quake and Unreal. Sure dueling is intimidating and if you suck you are going to get absolutely rimmed, but TDM and FFA's are usually such an complete cluster that Its still an immense amount of fun just playing casually and not really trying. Probably why I use Fiesta as my warmup on H5, as its the closest approximation. (an aside, H5 has far too many 1 hit kill weapons.) Competitive and Casual can exist very easily within the same game, hell it did for the first 10 years of Halos life. its just got such an identity problem right now due to its mishandling no one knows what the hell the game is trying to be anymore.
  5. Loda, Hard Carry on Alliance who won The International just a year or so earlier so quite a big name in the Dota Community. His personal politics are a bit of a mess, but RL is a pretty good journalist and isn't afraid to call out Bullshitters in esports, especially in CSGO.
  6. It has a ranked playlist because people want it to have a ranked playlist. Certainly more than want a hardcore/mlg/hcs playlist. It has been consistently the most played gametype/playlist in all of halo for 13 years. But let's delete the thing that most people play and enjoy to cater to a minority crowd who have their own playlist despite it having god awful player retention and has done for 13 years. Deleting it would be fucking stupid. Could it be played less at a competitive level? Yes. Certainly the maps it's played it should be considered more. But since when has the comp scene depended on what matchmaking is doing? What do you give 2 shits if people only want to play slayer for ranks and don't want to play objectives? They very clearly have made that choice. Maybe if the comp scene wasn't dictated by 343 we could have a competitive playlist that featured a reasonable maplist/gametype set instead of being a total shitshow, But we don't, So that's just how it is.
  7. The reason objective on its own fails compared to slayer is simple. Slayer is the easiest thing to play solo queue and when there's no communication. Most people don't play halo as a to4. Maybe back in h2 and h3 they Did, but certainly not now and in game chat is rare to non existant. The population of this game is already in the dumpster, ditch ranked team slayer and watch the arse completely fall out of this game. In an ideal world we'd only need team arena, but I'm not solo queuing in the few moments I get when my baby is asleep so I can watch Johnny no thumbs refuse to go for/defend the flag. At least with team slayer everyone is on mostly the same page.
  8. Halo2 on 360 off host used to load lockout without fog making the map look quite different. or at least it did at launch, I don't know if that was eventually patched . Same problem caused them to remove backwash from all matchmaking as it wouldn't load properly on 360's. (as opposed to removing it because it sucked ass) H1 didn't have any visual issues that I can remember, but I think the frame rate would struggle a lot more during MP and large fights in SP.
  9. Closest thing I can think of is the homestory cup in SC2. Where 'Take' invites a bunch of players to his house for a tournament and they stream it all and the players take it turns casting and getting drunk and doing other stuff. One of the few times you can usually get some personality out of the koreans.
  10. Hyped for liquid in the final. Tobiwan and Synderen casting too, best casting duo in all of Esports. So many good games this week already, hoping for a close series.
  11. I must have went to 100+ in store lans split over H2 and H3 that I had to pay for, and there was no such thing as even a req pack as a prize. I think the main difference was people actually enjoyed playing them and their was a local community for the games. If was all about playing with friends, being competitive and just enjoying the community feel. H5 feels like a chore so people seem to want rewarded for showing up as they certainly aren't showing up because they just love playing the game so much.
  12. Menke designs all his matchmaking to work this way. You should only be winning 50% of your games. If you're winning more, then the game is matching you too low. The only way to go up is to prove to the system you are better than the people you are similarly taked too. At which point you keep move up until you find your new 50/50 barrier. Obviously this doesn't work at the very top and bottom, but for the most part over time most players should have a 50/50 record.Its just harder to do 4v4 than in a 1v1 (his system was originally for SC2) so you will find games with massive skill discrepencies but overall they balance out.
  13. NIP dominated early CSGO but recently it's been a lot more open.
  14. Just posting to say I appreciate all the CE streaming recently. Hope it continues
  15. More people should try UT4. I havent played it in a few patches, but i had so much playing even back when everything was still just greyscale and boxey. I've ran across some players on it that have just absolutly shit on me, but it makes you want to go back for more. Theres no cheesy crap like spartan charge, if you die its because your opponent outplayed you.
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