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  1. Hello, eXellance Gaming is looking for 3 more females to compete for their Ladies Halo team! What we look for: Willing to be on the team Wanting to work hard for a goal Take things seriously but have fun at the same time Willing to help fix problems within the squad Dedication Knowledge of how to play the game Able to provide feedback know basic call outs Willing to learn If you are interested in running games please contact me, my contact information is below! We will be running games at night so please include your day to day nightly schedule. email: [email protected] twitter: @SinonLeSniper kik: SinonLovesSniping I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Hello i am the team captain for Queens of Gaming, and we are looking for 3 more females to complete our halo line up! If you are interested in joining please Message me on Xbox at Sinon Le Sniper We will only be competing in online tournaments and ladders so no worrying about travel!
  3. Serenaty Gaming is looking for 3 more for our Girls Competitive Team, and 4 for our Guys Competitive Team! If you are interested in joining please message me on Xbox RGS Sinon or follow me on twitter and DM me @SinonLeSniper and add me on skype @ SinonLovesSniping
  4. Gamertag: XGN Sinon 4v4 MLG Customs only US, Central
  5. Gamertag: XGN Sinon HCS Customs US, Central On everyday almost all the time. Just shoot me a message
  6. As stated before, XGN is looking for 2 more for its Halo comp team, if you are interested in trying out, please message XGN Sinon
  7. Hello, I am looking to build a serious team! I am a support player so I am looking for an obj and 2 slayers. We will be doing Scrims, compete in the HCS cups and if we can go to events. I do have an org ready and waiting to get this started with but that will require us to get wins, and good placings! With that being said I am taking serious inquires only, I do have a few requirements though. 1. Good Communicator - Even though we will be going over call outs, I expect you to know what you are talking about. 2. Able to bring something to the table - whether it's being very vocal, dropping a lot of kills, able to see flaws in set ups, think positively every player on the team should be bringing something to the table for the team, or aspects the team isn't really seeing. 3. Must live in the US - No offense against anyone who is not living in the US but it is a lot easier to get people to events if you live in the US rather Canada which could need a process to do so and end up a man out for an event, just dont want to chance it. 4. PREFERRED age of 18 or older - I say this because I am not a babysitter, and will be responsible for everyone on the team, generally the older you are the more maturity to act professional at events and that is crucial, if we go to an event, it is more than likely because of the org and we need to represent that org professionally. Unless you are mature and professional under the age of 18, that can be waived. 5. Preferably Eastern or Central time zone - just for host and connection concerns of mine, its just preferred If you are interested please message me on XBL (XGN Sinon) or DM me on twitter (@XGNSinon) Thank you for your time.
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