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  1. Here is the bracket. https://challonge.com/3n4lh13j Doc got sick towards the end of the tourney so him and Missingno forfeited the final match.
  2. The vids for VA Winter LAN 2019 can be found here: btw i think I got the audio figured out as far as the volume levels and keeping everything in sync. it only took 3 years
  3. I agree. I thought UGC did a great job with Halo CE. The aspect ratio made my ocd tingle a bit but besides that I've really enjoyed what little of the rebroadcast I've been able to watch so far. I'm hoping that they keep it going.
  4. During previous broadcasts of my lans I've had an issue with keeping all of the audio in sync between all the different mics and cap cards. This is due to the different clock rates each device has that causes the audio to drift out of sync as time goes by. I've done a ton of testing these past couple months to adjust the clock rates but but have found it's impossible to keep 8 different devices perfectly in sync for an extended period of time. Therefore I have a script running that will reset the audio once every hour to ensure everything stays in sync. So if you hear the audio cut out for a couple secs, that's probably just the audio resetting itself. Just FYI
  5. Tomorrow my semi-annual VA Winter LAN will be starting. There should be a tourney on Friday and Saturday. Feel free to stop by and visit the chat. Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/vabeachlan Youtube (VA Beach LAN 2018): 1. Devilman 2. Mudbone 3. Nacho 4. stunt man 5. dds 6. meg 7. Cujjer 8. Missingno 9. Ozyorsk 10. Forehearth 11. Killa Cam 12. johnthehero 13. Hurley 14. O4 15. Halaster 16. Gazzo 17. Kush 18. Biff Nasty 19. Teapot 20. Klown 21. Solo 22. Simplifyyy 23. Cat 2v2 Tournament: FFA Round - Friday 1/11/19 at 9:00pm EST Bracket Play - Saturday 1/12/19 at 1:00pm EST Tourney Prize Split: - 1st Place 2v2 - $120 - 2nd Place 2v2 - $60 - 1st Place FFA - $20 Equipment (5 Stations): - CRT MONITORS & TVS: 2 each - 21" Sony GDM-C520K 2 each - 22" NEC MultiSync FP2141SB 2 each - 22" NEC MultiSync FE2111SB 2 each - 22" Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB 2 each - 27" Samsung TXN2775HF - XBOX VIDEO ADAPTERS: 8 each - Neoya X2VGA+ 2 each - Microsoft Xbox High Definition AV Pack - CAP CARDS: 2 each - Inogeni VGA2USB3 2 each - AverMedia C027 1 each - Osprey 460e - WEBCAMS & MICS: 6 each - Logitech c930e Webcam 1 each - Blue Yeti Microphone All Xboxes modded and running Halo 1: NHE v1.0
  6. Just to clarify...the spread was removed just cuz it was a good idea. dds stated that he wanted to try it out long before nhe was ever a thing. This was also discussed early on in the development of nhe however insidious was wholeheartedly against it. Insidious was basically the project lead at that time so nobody pushed the issue. It wasn't until insidious stopped work on nhe and dds learned how to do everything insidious had implemented did we give it a test run. We honestly didn't know what to expect but it obviously turned out to be a good thing. However it's so subtle a change that I don't think 90 percent of players would notice had they not been told. A few blind tests were conducted and each time nobody noticed a difference. Outside of those tests I also know of one person, who was very much against no spread, going to a lan and not realizing it wasn't there until somebody told him afterwards. Anyways...that's my little no spread story
  7. I'm happy to say that version 1.0 of Halo 1: NHE has been released. Get it here: http://halo1nhe.com/
  8. It will work on a jtag or RGH modded 360. However you will still see the same frame drops and jitters as if you were playing on a retail copy.
  9. https://youtu.be/Yo80kwhjc8w?list=PLAEBTHUfqV8bEmgco29W6DPpomCs54uYM&t=866
  10. Beach LAN 7 vids can be found here. The audio wasn't quite where i wanted it to be this year. The commentator mic wasn't fully synced with the station mics so there's a bit of an echo when anyone is commentating. I frankly ran out of time between work, nhe v1.0 testing, tourney scheduling stuff, etc. and wasn't able to do all of the audio tweaking that needed to be done. If all goes to plan, next year the audio should be much better.
  11. I looked into this a little bit and found there is an hdmi adapter (that only works on the Wii) made by a company called Sewell that had low latency in mind design-wise. Apparently it only adds a few milliseconds of lag however the trade off is poor picture quality and aliasing. For anyone that is curious why this is, I suggest reading up on (or watch some youtube vids) the Nyquist–Shannon Sampling Theorem. There are other converters out there however it seems they are either really expensive or have other issues such as random blackouts. With all this being said maybe there is hope for a low latency converter for the xbox. However it would require a manufacturer to decide to use low latency as their selling point.
  12. I doubt it. I imagine that even if you were able to somehow replace the existing video chip with a digital video encoder and hdmi port, you'd still need to hack the kernel to get the xbox to do anything with it. As far as I know, the only hope for playing lag free og Halo 1 on an LCD would be by either getting the source code and making a proper PC port, or using an xbox emulator. Currently there are two emulators in development and from what I understand one of them plays Halo 1 at around 10 to 15 fps using a beast of a computer. I don't think system link works yet but progress is being made.
  13. No. This cable will introduce at least 2 frames of lag (if not more) just like the Pound HDMI cable and any regular old analog to digital converter box.
  14. BL7 will have the latest version of NHE on all of the boxes whatever that may be. Currently the latest version is a private release that has no spread and several other features added since beta v7. We are currently testing and making bug fixes to try and get v1.0 out before Beach LAN.
  15. Below is the tourney schedule for Beach LAN 7: 8/19 (Sun) 6:00-9:30 pm EST - FFA Round 8/20 (Mon) 2:00-8:00 pm EST - Pool Play 8/21 (Tue) 2:00-8:30 pm EST - Bracket Play (Day 1) 8/22 (Wed) 2:00-9:30 pm EST - Bracket Play (Day 2) FFA round seeds pool play. Pool play seeds the double elimination bracket. Details on rules and registration to come.

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