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  1. thxs for some reason i feel we will be like 18k
  2. With the Xbox one, Ps4, Cod ghosts and etc being released what will halo 4s population drop to? Your Opinion?
  3. Then ghost should take out adrift for sure and but jet pack bottom open to meet in the middle.
  4. Never mind onyx slayer should be there to
  5. Wait i only had 10 guess there could be a new forge map
  6. You cant be bad at a tv show maybe you dont get the jokes on topic dispatch did not make it into my best of 11
  7. In life when someone says they dont like something is because there bad at it so thats just the best assumption and if you were really skilled then you wouldn't want dispatch out. Logic folks!
  8. the ark>orion in looks and game play on any game type
  9. It seems you base your opinion if a map looks good not if it plays good Mid ship is 4 bases with some ramps dispatch is a donut who cares they both play good And the most exciting plays at Agl happen on dispatch And most likely you get destroyed on dispatch because multiple reasons
  10. Secret Schnitzel says that 2 plot is more competitive then 1 plot i dont get it but thats why i said 2 plot
  11. about 10 koth 5 1 plot 5 2 plot and 10 slayer
  12. I am in the friend zone to but i asked the girl to wear my jersey so #AREWEBACK but really its just pushing the envelope until you ask her out then your game
  13. If Station 9 is taken out id rather see dispatch then the ark or pitfall
  14. Ever think he might be in high school Dude best thing to go is to ask her out on a date and be confident you will get her no problem

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