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  1. Thanks, how many "quits" does it take to be banned? And how long is the ban?
  2. If you use the Party app to leave a lobby before the game starts, does that lead to a ban now?
  3. Almost a year later and we're still looking at inferior versions of each game :/ How long does it usually take for used copies of games to hit the market? Part of me is excited for Halo 5, but I sure as hell wont ever be buying any future 343 games new.
  4. Has the update even been submitted into certification yet or are they still waiting?
  5. I just don't think that 343 has it in them to create a great community and retain a population like how Bungie did from 2007-2010.
  6. I don't know if this has been posted here or not but I saw this on Reddit (I'm not sure how to embed it) http://i.imgur.com/9VGHnTr.gifv
  7. Wow I got to give props to 343, just when I think that this company can't get any more incompetent, they always prove me wrong!
  8. That is something that I have a very hard time believing. Everything that 343 has done so far, seems to prove otherwise. But thanks for posting here, it's nice to have someone who works at 343 actually engaging with the community!
  9. It wasn't in the weekly update, it was from a forum post. Someone posted a link to it a few pages earlier.
  10. Are you sure? I don't remember it being like that.
  11. That would still put certain teams at a disadvantage. The system seemed to work perfectly fine in Halo 3, why change it?
  12. For me it would be all those plus: Adding Post-game lobby Make it so backing out during the map selection results in a loss and derank (no exceptions) Parties of 4 match other parties of 4, parties of 3 match other parties of 3 10 rank differences in ranks, ie. no 50s matching 20s Indicators that show how many people are partied up together Turn on dedicated servers Improve random crashes and general stability improvements Unique emblems If they fix all these and I will be happy. EDIT: And I forgot ranked snipers
  13. If you guys really want it, just buy it used. I'm sure there are going to be a ton of used copies immediately after launch. I dont know how people can support a company that does not care for their customers whatsoever.
  14. Played two games of Halo 3 and the hit registration was amazing! Pretty sure they were both dedicated servers! Edit: 3 games in a row WTF. I dont even care that I lost all 3.
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