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  1. The new Wraith has a more organic appearance, looks more crustacean-like. Not really sure if I like it or not...
  2. An economy and market based on skins would be awesome, but you know what else would be awesome? If we could use them to bet on matches.
  3. Honestly I prefer Thruster without Sprint because Thruster is great. I've never truly enjoyed Sprinting unless I was able to shoot while doing so.
  4. Damnit, accidentally negged you. I think that would be pretty hilarious tbh. Thanks I appreciate it
  5. I think Warzone is a nice idea. Shame about BTB, tho
  6. That reminds me of something I thought of the the other day. What if some of the Legendary weapons have traditional zoom? I think that would actually be kinda cool.
  7. Yeah, the scope could use a little work, maybe make it easier to see through, but I think it's a huge improvement over the beta version.
  8. Yeah tbh I don't really mind loadouts in Campaign as long as they're preset, not customized. In the case of something like Blue Team it'd make sense to have different weapons. Could add some good variety to the gameplay. I hated them in Multi but didn't mind them in things like Firefight. It's a huge step up from 4 and imo looks more like what next gen armor should be, at least from what we've seen. I hope they got rid of the ugly armors like Hazop and FOTUS, still.
  9. I'm glad 343 is gonna reduce the number of medals. It's getting ridiculous having so many pop up on the screen, it just clogs your view and about half of them aren't even necessary.
  10. Oh wow, SWAT is permanent now? Maybe I'll hop on later tonight if I'm not busy...

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