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  1. Ricochet is too good. Being able to score from weird places is random? Give me a break. Stop slaying and watch the ball. Not hard to stop a ball that's sailing through the air if you're paying attention to what's going on in the game. I can't count the number of times I've stopped balls from weird angles - it's not difficult.. just different gameplay. I think my point here is that people need to stop bitching because the game has a different dynamic. Taking out throwing the ball just makes it Neutral Assault, does anyone realize this? Edit: This comes off as anti-competitive. Not so - I just really hate the idea that the game can't change in order to stay competitive.
  2. Trust me, the house couldn't be bought with the money they got from those tournaments. There's outside help.
  3. Stockpile was a lot of fun too, I agree. Plenty of clutch plays - but let's go back to Ricochet for a second. There is no other gametype where both your offensive and defensive awareness have to be at 100% or you risk being scored on within 3-5 seconds of the next ball coming up. You can have interceptions, which adds a lot to the dynamic of the game. There's a lot of opportunities for prestige in terms of knowing where you can throw the ball from or aiming through small holes to get a point, etc. Or watching a team drive forward slaying the entire enemy team and running the ball in for the extra points. I foresee a lot more ball throwing than running in competitive Ricochet, and it'll just be up to the players to time the throws perfectly. Perhaps there's more strategy in Stockpile, but in my opinion it's no where near as fun to watch.
  4. I've been around for a while, but haven't really said hello - thought it might be nice. My name's Loch, I'm a full-time web developer from Canada. I've been helping AGL with a few other folks for the past few months putting together a project for them - should be done shortly. A little self plug: In my spare time I've been working on something called I call "Xbox Live API". If you're a developer like me, that phrase should get you really excited. If you're not, how about I rephrase? An "API" in the context of web development is a place where we can pull information in a format that's easy for a computer to read, which we can then display in our applications. For example, Facebook has an API that lets developers get basic information about you. (Seen here, for the curious - just replace the username with your own: https://graph.facebook.com/zuck). If you're still following, you may be able to imagine what the uses are for that. Well, turns out Xbox Live DOESN'T have a similar feature. Web developers have historically been unable to see your Xbox Live profiles using a simple URL like that, so the information has been (for the most part) off limits. I've developed a method of retrieving that information in a secure manner which will allow you to share your Xbox Live information with a site like (for instance) Beyond Entertainment. You would login with your Xbox Live account, then they could request access to your friends list or messages, personal profile and even your game invites. There's an endless supply of cool uses for this information, and I can't wait to share it with developers who are interested. Please follow @XboxLiveAPI if you want to keep up to date with this development. Thanks.
  5. Here's an unpopular opinion of a gametype: Ricochet is the best gametype ever created for Halo - no gametype from any previous Halo comes close to the skill required for competitive Ricochet. Ricochet will be the key gametype along side slayer in Halo games going forward, and should be integrated with competitive Halo immediately. PS I've liked it on every single map so far.
  6. All forge maps until we get terrain + texture editing. Also, Abandon, Adrift, Complex, Erosion, Exile, Harvest, Impact/Relay, Landfall, Longbow, Meltdown, Monolith, Outcast, Perdition, Ravine, Shatter, Solace, Vertigo, Vortex, and Wreckage. So many maps, absolutely nothing worth playing.
  7. I am probably one of the only people who was both there, and watching at home. I watched the staging/run-through on Saturday for the live broadcast on Sunday. Had to get home early on Sunday, so we left and I got back in time to watch the finals at home. The tournament was amazing, anyone who says otherwise either wasn't there or doesn't actually like Halo. The energy in Benaroya Hall was absolutely ELECTRIC. EVERYONE was screaming, cheering and having a good time. There was very little trash talk from the pros, and everyone was doing their best to be the most respectful they can be. As for the tournament it self - it ran incredibly smooth. All matches started exactly on time, or within 3 minutes of their scheduled time if there was a delay. Everyone knew where they were supposed to be, and there was plenty of room to move around. Microsoft was giving away free phones (which I received!) and there were plenty of t-shirts to be had. This was the epitome of tournament atmosphere. So many sweaty nerds - it was amazing to see so many players in one room playing against each other. The spectating experience at home on Sunday was just the same as it was in the venue - you're watching the same stream they are. The crowd could be heard, the video quality was great, there were no hitches in the stream at all (save for some game sound mixups) and it felt like I was there. Ended up yelling at my TV during the tournament, heart was pounding, I was sweaty, etc. Honestly couldn't have asked for more - and if you are one of the people who IS asking for more, then I ask: Why aren't you helping make it better?
  8. I know there are some people going. I'm hoping there's gonna be some LANs around town. Anyone have any word on locations so far? We're staying at the Paramount Hotel.
  9. I don't see a problem with the menus, maybe I haven't used them enough. What's wrong with them?
  10. > You say all this, but Halo 4 had the same requirements and look at the shit U.I we got for Halo 4 Innovation sometimes comes at a cost. 343 had the misfortune of hiring a UI dev that wasn't quite able to work out the problems that were given to him - bummer, it happens. > It shouldn't be that complicated. They have millions of clients to please. Saying "it shouldn't be that complicated" is a gross assumption. There's so many things to consider it's not even funny. > How the meeting would go is "make this" *Sambles shows his U.I design* and it starts from there. Just no. > He knows what people want and what people like. He knows what a small sample size likes - but hasn't considered nearly enough of the cases which don't fit perfectly into his design. > It seems everyone who 343i is hiring doesn't. 343 hired the best AAA developers in the industry - if they don't know what they're doing then I don't know who does. Look at the menu. Is it weird? Maybe a little, but it gets the job done in the same amount of button clicks (or less) than prior menus. They wanted to give the game a different feel, and I commend them for that. Personally I also think they could have done a better job with the menu, but I much prefer a change to a rehash of something we've seen since 2004.
  11. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Sorry.
  12. Dev here, pretty sure if our lead died the company would follow suit.
  13. Definitely. You'll never know unless you apply! Looking good so far. Best of luck.
  14. Considering banana used to be easily accessible (which is the only reason why people used it), the spot is now useless if it requires this much work to get to.
  15. I don't believe Mr. Rambles is qualified for this position, sorry guys. There are many improvements that could be made to his Halo 4 UI redesign to improve usability. Being a UI development lead means that you know a shit ton about user experience, AB testing, graphic design and programming - as well as being able to be innovative so you're not just recreating what has been done before numerous times. That's just the UI development part - being a lead is a whole other story. Being a LEAD means you have to know how to manage people who are as equally or more qualified as you are, and you have to be able to make important decisions under pressure. You need to be able to answer any questions your team has. You also need prior experience in the field for any lead position in game development, which is usually at least 5 years. TL;DR Unless Sam has some mystery work and experience I'm not seeing, he is not qualified for the position, so don't get your hopes up. Not that I wouldn't like to see him succeed - believe me!
  16. It's definitely not as nice as the QR codes, but yes I am working on an OCR solution right now using tesseract.
  17. I'm not talking to them directly at this point however if they're reading: make as many stats available as possible! The more stats available, the more creative developers can be. I'm a big advocate of sharing data, and I hope 343 can also see the benefits. Be good to the developers who want to be good to the game and everyone will prosper!
  18. Right now we're using MySQL but since we're using Node.js for real time data services and stats collection, I was considering switching to Mongo. NoSQL is nice but with any DB you're gonna be using some sort of ODM, and without rigid structure to data like this, managing it can be a pain in the ass. So whether or not we use Mongo is pretty much irrelevant considering we're not in need of scalable write capacity.
  19. If you meant servant, then yes we have. We were looking into using Amazon Mechanical Turk which would allow us to send screenshots to people to record, but the cost would be a bit high.
  20. Right, but what I mean is that they don't necessarily have to build an app to go along with it. Anyway, despite this fuss I am working on a solution for the present (and future if they choose to neglect this idea, or don't see it..) which basically involves capturing screens and using software to read what's on the screen, then sending the results to our database. Not quite as elegant, but it's still lightyears ahead of doing it with pen and paper.
  21. I'll explain a little deeper since I'm sure a few other people are also confused. The constraints we have at AGL tournaments, much like most other LANs (hence the term) is that the connections between consoles are strictly local, and most consoles if not all will have no connection to the internet. This poses a problem for AGL if we want to collect stats, because we cannot simply go to halowaypoint.com to look them up, because Halo Waypoint doesn't know those games were played due to the Xboxs being disconnected from the internet. How do we solve this? *crickets* Historically, there hasn't been any real efforts to improve this problem. MLG and AGL alike have been recording the stats by hand. I don't know if MLG is still using notepads, but AGL has at least moved to real time form submission via tablets so we can get the stats into our database as quickly as possible. As you can imagine though, with limited staff and a lot of numbers... something is bound to go wrong and/or wrong data will be submitted. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to enter the information ourselves? Enter QR codes. We can design an app that the referees can use at our events that will scan the post game QR code, entering all the data we need into our database automatically - there'd never be any mistakes in the data! The consoles never have to be online because QR codes can be generated very easily, and the data can be transferred in less than a second. This would allow us to show stats on our website for games that JUST happened (as in: here's the stats for the game that just ended 5 seconds ago...) This would be huge not only for AGL and Halo, but for any game that's played on LAN.
  22. It's possible to fit a basic post game report into the QR code. Check out the last example in the OP, first row is column names and each proceeding row is a player. Column names and values are separated by a comma. You could also have a separate QR code for each player visible somewhere. There's a ton of data and not much space in the QR code, but if you minimize the data right it's possible to still get quite a bit of information in there. I think it's amazing how much we can already store in that size QR code to be honest. Here's a better layout of that data: players: ╔══════╦═════════════════╦═══════╦════════╦═════════╦══════════╦═══════╗ ║ team ║ player ║ kills ║ deaths ║ assists ║ featured ║ score ║ ╠══════╬═════════════════╬═══════╬════════╬═════════╬══════════╬═══════╣ ║ 0 ║ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 320 ║ ║ 0 ║ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 295 ║ ║ 0 ║ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 280 ║ ║ 0 ║ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 250 ║ ║ 1 ║ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 275 ║ ║ 1 ║ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 255 ║ ║ 1 ║ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 250 ║ ║ 1 ║ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 12 ║ 170 ║ ╚══════╩═════════════════╩═══════╩════════╩═════════╩══════════╩═══════╝
  23. Well it's up to developers to build those tools - but build it and they will come, as it were. It's such an easy feature to put into the game that would either do nothing to detract from, or drastically improve the experience for users at every level. It's pretty much a win/win from every angle.
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