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  1. Gonna start on this, not sure where it'll go from here but could end up being used for LAN stats, etc. I'm going to try and incorporate natural language processing so anyone can ask a question/query (ex: "team mates of the halo 4 player with the best k/d") and get results.
  2. I've really wanted to develop a system that keeps track of everyone's LAN statistics in a graph database, but I haven't had the time. Would be able to pull out some seriously interesting statistics which would be good for betting; if I could ever start and finish such a project.
  3. If that was your name on the old site, just click the "Forgot your password?" link below the login, and enter the email you used for your old account. That'll allow you to reset your account.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. A large majority of the site was outsourced to Caprium Technologies in India after I ran out of time to work on the site - so those typos are going to be pretty frequent - we'll sort them out. There also seems to be a few lingering errors and bugs... If you notice any bugs please tweet AGL and we'll try to sort them out ASAP. I've fixed the bug which prevents you from logging in. We had intended for a seamless transition between our old WordPress based site and this new proprietary site by moving the users database over, however I overlooked a security feature on the old server/site which prevents the passwords from working on other servers - so we're sorry about that. The fix is pretty straight forward on your end though - just reset your password by email and you'll be able to change your password (feel free to use the same password as before); from there your account should work as expected. Thanks for your patience - and please if you have any suggestions or comments, speak your mind! Thanks again.
  5. He also dressed really sharp to the Halo 4 GC.
  6. I'm not advocating switching or anything else, but Halo 4 is dead. There's hope for the franchise, but I definitely think it's gonna take some intelligent moves to sway the COD fanbase and/or players who've switched to COD.
  7. Maybe, but try to remember when Halo 3 came out it was a huge deal for more reasons than "omg a new halo" - it was the first Halo game on a new console, and there wasn't much competition in the games market. People were looking for games to play and Halo 3 released during a time where there was no competition (other than the previous year's COD - and it would be 2 months before the next one came out so people didn't feel the need to hold out). So there's a lot of factors that could have made Halo 4 more popular - for instance, release date and competition between brands. I don't think Halo 4 was the worst Halo in the eyes of general gamers; but the concurrent population statistic affects morale.
  8. Artificially inflated. They used a metric which tracked player totals as the sum of players over a period of time - not concurrent connections like Halo 4. They were still much higher but Halo was still new then and people actually wanted to play it for longer than a week.
  9. I think you just misinterpreted my point, I never said Halo should clone COD or that using COD's formula in Halo would work - clearly it doesn't.
  10. No, I don't think that. I'm telling you Halo is dead forever unless they pull off some sort of miracle. People just don't give a shit about it anymore - take a look at some of the biggest names in competitive Halo - they're switching to COD because they agree with me. Is this what I want? Of course not. I've loved every Halo in at least some way; but that doesn't mean 343i releasing a great game is going to breathe life back into Halo.
  11. My opinion is an opinion, nothing else. I have a different idea of what would make the game good - does that bother you?
  12. Ignorance only a true marketer could have - you must have done well in your course. The majority of Halo fans don't even bother with online. Most fans play Halo for the campaign; not multiplayer. The reason why population numbers are so low is because people who enjoy playing FPS games online play COD now - because it's easy to think you're good at it, there's more flashy bullshit on the screen, and because other people they know play it. Repeat.
  13. I wasn't talking about what makes a playlist competitive - I was talking about what the majority of the people like. Competitive has never been popular because most people aren't good enough to play at that level, or they think competitive players are jerks.
  14. I just develop man, never said I was a marketing expert.
  15. Would you like to build a website for them?
  16. I understand that. Halo 2 means a lot of things to a lot of people, but my justification for what I said was that often Halo 2 means too much to most people. Not to mention Bungie themselves said they would have changed the game a lot of if they had the time prior to launch. The reason I mention that is simply: There's no reason why 343i would ever make a game similar to Halo 2 again - there are simply not enough people who give a shit about Halo 2 to justify changing features that the majority of players are now used to. People might buy it, but the population counts would be worse than Halo 4 is now; except for maybe the team throwdown playlist.
  17. Uhh no. Average consumer would tell you it feels exactly the same with no real improvements. It would surely receive the lowest rating for any Halo game ever based on the fact that nothing has changed, and it would be removing features the vast majority of players enjoy (AAs, etc)
  18. Is this satirical? "GIVE US HALO 2 343I PLEASEEE"
  19. Watchability and virality are probably two points they're trying to hit - seeing as the game's dead.
  20. When your playlist has the lowest player count by a factor of 10 in many cases, it's not the game.
  21. Taking throwing the ball out is not the solution then. Perhaps an offside rule where if the ball is thrown from a position closer to the throwers goal, and is thrown past the last man back, then the ball falls straight down out of its trajectory. Personally I would prefer this a lot more than taking throwing out, because what the hell is the point of Ricochet without throwing? But also, I don't know how many games I've played where the other team was just lobbing it past us every time. You have to be pretty dumb. If they have the ball they'll be running for your goal, so you should be in a position where you can stop them (ie. your team should be on your half of the map essentially). If you have the ball they'll be somewhat in their base. Where does the lobbing come into play again? Only happens if you die and they get the ball or you throw it when it will be intercepted.
  22. How is it ridiculous? Makes the gameplay way more interesting to watch and play. Pitcher's arm? You've got a spartans arm son. Oh wait, that's not an issue because if the other team has the ball then you should be playing defense, not trying to slay them in their base. I think your dislike for the gametype comes from a general lack of understanding of offensive-defensive type sports. There's a reason why there's goalies in sports. Once people realize that Ricochet is a gametype where you play "mid-field" and not in the other team's base, then they'll start to enjoy it more and suck less.
  23. Ricochet seems pretty popular - meanwhile Team Throwdown which "lives and dies" by those principals has a REAL SOLID 200 players. I think you're living in the past and don't want to see alterations to a tired game style.
  24. Maybe that's the point. It's not a slayer based offense, it's strategy based. The skill comes from making the plays and working the angles, not killing the players. You can go negative and still be the most important player on the team.
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