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  1. And yet even of those people, only 11% would like sprint removed entirely.
  2. Anyone who's in a community taking a poll is likely biased because they've probably been invested in the game for a while. People don't like change. Also there's selection bias. You're going to see a vocal minority show up to those polls. The rest of us don't give a shit so we're not taking the poll. If I had voted in that poll I would have said "sure, leave it in - Halo 5 plays great."
  3. So disable sprint if you're so inclined, they're giving you the option. If the community falls out again it won't be because of sprint - most people wouldn't even notice the so-called "negative impact" of sprint.
  4. Halo's been around for 15 years. CS is an exception. RTS games change and people still enjoy them.
  5. Biased poll taken by biased voters. People who don't like sprint have much more incentive to vote. Not to mention both r/Halo and here are biased towards no sprint to begin with.
  6. Those games remain good - but if you release the a brand new game like "look guys, another one! same gameplay! same maps!" Only the core demographic is gonna buy that.
  7. Forgot the "what was once" part. Try selling a barebones game like Halo 1 compared to a game like COD:AW. People are gonna look at it say, "the gameplay looks so boring."
  8. It's not skewed. When you poll a population with pre-existing bias you're going to get a result with bias. 343 is the only group with unbiased figures.
  9. 1. That'll be decided by the community. If everyone wants to play no-sprint (will probably have to be more that 11%) then there won't be sprint. I didn't hear anyone bitching about sprint while I was playing the beta. 2. Prove it. 3. I can't prove it, but neither can you. 4. You guys are the hermits of the Halo community. You want to see what the majority of Halo players think? You won't find those opinions on this forum. You guys are a cult.
  10. 4 games in one of one of the most popular video game franchises ever?
  11. Hahah god damn everyone in this forum is fucking delusional. You didn't actually think they were going to remove sprint, right? Jesus Christ. They've been very clear on their stance on sprint. I can totally believe only 11% wanted sprint removed. I'm a hardcore Halo player (and was a 48 in MLG going in solo, if that matters - been playing since H1) - sprint is fine. Do I like it? I'm not sure, but it's not as bad as this group thinks it is. Halo 5 had excellent gameplay - if you think otherwise you're probably looking for the release of Halo 2.5, which is never going to come. This isn't a case of "adapting," it's about accepting. What was once fantastic gameplay is no longer marketable. 343 is a company with priorities. They need to sell copies to make money. No one is buying a rehash of Halo CE/2. I want the game to feel improved - and it does. Halo 5 feels fantastic. Anyone still bitching about sprint belongs to a SMALL MINORITY. That's why the 11% isn't likely to be a lie - because the majority of people just don't give a shit about it; they recognize good gameplay and aren't stuck on circlejerking about the good ol' days. The fact that everyone here is bitching about this update is a testament to how fundamentally fucked the "core competitive" players. You're not a core competitive player, you're a relic who can't accept change. I'm sincerely not trolling, you people are hopeless. They gave you everything you asked for.
  12. Is this game a beta for anyone else?
  13. Webhooks are a fancy way of saying URL that saves information that is sent to it. If you could define a URL in the Gametype settings that would tell the game where to submit match results for that Gametype, LANs/tournaments could easily keep track of stats without the need for score keepers. Every game should do this really. Quinn?
  14. Yes that's exactly right. However, MS has servers in multiple zones around the country, so everyone gets to MS at relatively the same time and then the servers communicate between each other - then it'll just depend which zone the server is in that is hosting the game.
  15. Yesterday I launched my customs matchmaking app to supplement 343's failed matchmaking system. People are using it! Incase you missed it, here's the link: http://customs.halotracker.com
  16. You can specify the sort of games you want to play - they're sort of sorted into genres at the moment - pretty broadly: General, MLG, and Infection. The game size can be specified, that's what the sliders are for. As for the games you want to play - we're not allowing players to pick that purely because it spreads the player base out too much. If this app gets more popular we'll definitely revisit that idea. Thanks for your interest!
  17. http://customs.halotracker.com I started working on this app as a side project the other night after MCC came out and I (like everyone else) was unable to find a game in matchmaking. This web app is designed to allow you to find players to play custom games with in real time. Yes, it's a web app meaning there's no installations necessary and it'll work on your iPhone/Android/Windows phone as well as your tablet or PC, refrigerator, etc. In order to help the community I worked overnight on Monday to put this together, and sought the help of my friend Xorth (who owns HaloTracker) to get everything up and running (he was also instrumental in making sure this thing doesn't suck!) Basically what this app does is it puts you into a lobby. You can then choose to join your friends in their lobby, or jump straight into matchmaking by yourself. Matchmaking will then pair you up with a corresponding party (say you're a group of 4 looking for another group of 4, or maybe you're on your own and looking for 3 other players for a 2v2.) Once you've found a match, you'll all be placed into a lobby together. At this point the leader of this new party (chosen at random) should invite the other players to their party. That's it, nothing too complicated - we're hoping this eases the difficulty of finding people to play with in custom games. Please give us feedback - we'd love to hear it. What works, what doesn't work - we want to know how we can improve it. There are bound to be some hiccups - if you notice anything major please let us know! The more people you tell about this the better it will work too, so don't hesitate to share this with your Halo buddies. Thanks everyone, happy slaying!
  18. Whoops, that's what I meant. Anyway, you guys are off topic. Would you use this?
  19. It has two meanings which is confusing. That, and "Looking for game"
  20. Edit: LFG: Looking for group - so, a custom games finder app. With the impending release of MCC, I know there's going to be a lot of people out there looking for people to meet up with and play custom games, etc. There's always gamertags you can add to view people who want to play custom games, but I figure an app would be more efficient. Does anyone have an interest in something like this?
  21. I doubt Ivory Tower will be the last map, since it was remade in Reach. Headlong would be neat, though I realize it's not a favourite of the competitive crowd. Tombstone? Maybe Terminal.
  22. The f of fWAR stands for Fangraphs.
  23. Yes FPS games are definitely too complicated to come up with a perfect statistic (and WAR/RAA type stats are far from perfect themselves) but that doesn't mean these stats wouldn't be useful. Higher level players are often playing enough to give some insight into their net effect on the teams they play with - most pros scrim nearly daily. As for the low level stats you discussed, you can actually extrapolate a lot of the data with the stats that we are given. > Damage output per game This one is definitely one that we cannot account for unfortunately - kills per game tells a lot, but not the whole story. > Average damage taken per game / average # of deaths per game The latter is obvious (D/G) but again, the former is more difficult to calculate and requires some assumptions: we have to assume the damage a player took that did not result in their death had no effect on the game. In reality this isn't true if the player chooses to hang back while their shields recharge. > Useful damage output per game (damage that was not later nullified by a shield recharge) This is your kills + assists per game. Not 100% guaranteed of course, but it's safe to assume that if you've enough damage to a player and they die by one of your team mates that you'll get the assist. We're not going to get perfect stats to use for calculations, but is there a realistic way for us to come up with a decent formula that factors in what we do know?
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