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  1. It's not about yes or no, most people have opinions that depend on certain conditions. The truth is that most people just don't care about sprint that much (doesn't mean they don't want it in the game), so the percentage of people who want it is probably fairly small. There aren't entire communities lauding the addition of sprint, mostly because it doesn't matter to most people. But it's a change and the core demographic doesn't like it, so they're going to yell louder than the people who say "yes I would like sprint."
  2. You're drawing a correlation that isn't there. Sprint largely is not a factor in people's decision to buy the game, except for the vocal minority. The success of the game is fully determined by how bad ass the launch trailer is, and if enough people play it because of that, the population will stick around if it's better than what Call of Duty is offering - but that hasn't been the case in recent years.
  3. Not really, most people actually don't care about sprint or would be fine with it in the game if they do X. Apparently people on these forums assume those people don't want sprint, which isn't true. I lie in between, and am fine with sprint otherwise I would have said I don't want it in the game.
  4. Ah yes, the communities vote for one of two options when most of their opinions lie in between - what a great poll. If I only had two options I'd vote no sprint too, but given three options (introducing an "I don't care" option) would allow me to say that I actually don't really care - so those polls are shit.
  5. That's exactly what the poll says, but people here think there's some sort of conspiracy surrounding that very plausible number.
  6. Gonna need about tree fiddy when this is over.
  7. No there was literally a question with 5 or so options. No sprint, 2-3 conditional options, and a yes sprint.
  8. Why can't they just play something else? Uhh because 343 is a business who's primary goal is to get people playing their game?
  9. Yeah, Halo is totally a rip off of Call of Duty - because running isn't possible in any other FPS.
  10. Halo 4 had Halo in the title and was unsuccessful because Black Ops 2 was way better - people just preferred to play BO2. Want a game to be successful? Make it enjoyable for more people. That's the goal with the changes they're making.
  11. That's fine, I think most people just don't see it as that big of a factor, so you get a lot of people responding with indifference.
  12. You guys are so concerned about sprint it's hilarious. The only real factor that will determine Halo 5's success is if it's more enjoyable than the next Call of Duty.
  13. Pretty sure if you asked everyone who played the Halo 5 beta: "Did the ability to sprint have a major impact on your ability to enjoy the game?" most people would say "no." I would say no. I enjoyed the game. Do I have a negative opinion about sprint? Maybe - I liked Halo the way it was before. Is Halo 5 bad, and do I think the inclusion of sprint is going to determine the success of the game? Lol no, get real.
  14. Except that wasn't an option. If more than 11% of people really wanted sprint gone entirely, then that would be reflected in the poll.
  15. I've been linked to this many times. The graph that's always shown for Halo 4 is the daily peak population, which isn't the same as daily population. I'm not saying it's going to be much better, but you're comparing apples to oranges. As for the polls, I've already stated that it's unlikely that these results are not skewed themselves, since the people most interested in responding are those that have a problem with the current system. I'm happy so I'm not looking for someone to complain to or a poll to vote in.
  16. Not really, look at how many things have changed as a result of feedback from the beta. The 11% is an indisputable fact. I personally am not a huge fan of sprint, but I don't think it needs to be taken out - it's just not a big enough factor in my enjoyment of the game. I think this community has been searching for an answer to the falling popularity of Halo and chose to point their fingers at sprint, but I don't think sprint is the real issue here.
  17. Thank you for proving my point. Sprint doesn't have an effect on peoples opinions otherwise Halo Reach would have had a steeper decline. Something else is the matter.
  18. Really unimportant information and just leads to more bitching by the vocal minorities. If they showed population counts you guys might be bitching about that too - but at the moment it's unimportant (especially for a beta!) so they left it out.
  19. 11% don't want sprint, 89% have some other opinion. Those are the facts.
  20. Show me the data for Reach, since it had sprint too. Halo 4 was indeed the worst title in the series, I'm not arguing that - but it wasn't because of sprint. It was competing with one of the best games ever created in the Call of Duty franchise. This is also just what game populations look like. Not usually as dramatic, but again - people had something better to play. Halo 5 IMO is a contender for that top spot, and sprint has nothing to do with it either way. I think the gameplay works very well and it affords bad players (read: people trying to get into the franchise) some maneuvering room so they don't get slaughtered every game.
  21. Uhh no, and if sprint is causing you to play at the same level as randoms then you just suck at the game. The skill difference seemed strong compared to Halo 4 or Reach.
  22. You're a moron if you think the only people who are going to defend this game are people who work at 343.
  23. You're delusional if you think this is some sort of conspiracy and 343 has an interest in skewing results as if they have a personal vendetta against the competitive community. There clearly just isn't that much interest in completely removing sprint.
  24. That's how biases work. Citation needed for those poll results, but again - biased. Anyone who's coming to those forums is coming to complain about something while the majority of players are just enjoying the game.
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