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  1. Add iVoRTeX v7, i have a to2 and we have placed good together in season 1 (t25) and placed good and won alot of online tourney. We are currently under an org with 5k followers. So add me on xbox or contact me on twitter if interested. Twitter: @RevolveVoRTeX
  2. Hey mudshot, i have a to2 under an org with 5k followers, me and my teammate placed top 25 in hcs season 1 and placed top 3 in alot of online tourney in season 2 and this off season. I just started coml halo in febuary but i think im doing prettyy well for just starting. I have alot of experience scrimming top 16 teams and placing good in tourney against them. If you have a twitter mine is @RevolveVoRTeX or u can contact me on xbl GT: iVoRTeX v7. We can run a few games of hcs or scrim and see if you are a good fit. Teammates GT: imJuicyParrot
  3. imJuicyParrot and i are to2 for H5 not going to daytona. we plan on going to future lans in h5. We are looking for players that are able to play in tourneys on weekends and play most of the weekdays between 3-10 cst. add iVoRTeX v7 to run games. for any question my twitter is @RevolveVoRTeX
  4. Sway Gaming is looking for a dedicated 4th who is able to grind everyday. We are looking for a main slayer that can put up numbers every game. We are a team for H5 but still competing in h2a tourneys till then. must be smart, dedicated, dont rage, can learn from mistakes, and able to grind everyday
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