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  1. Hey everyone, I am pleased, on this very Bungie day, to announce the return of the Competitive Halo League! The Competitive Halo League (CHL), was founded on Reddit last year over a divide on what it meant to be a competitive Halo player. With the competitive scene rapidly declining those who were passionate about supporting the scene turned the petty argument into it's own league. In it's first season we had over 100 players competing against scheduled opponents each week and ending in a playoff bracket to determine the best team of the league. However our timing was poor and whatever spark it may have brought to the scene in future seasons was diminished as competitive Halo officially died with the removal of AGL events. Our league had the intention of being a training ground for amateur teams looking to compete in LAN events. So with the death of AGL, so too did our community die. I was a moderator of and the event coordinator for CHL, as well as the the lead spokesman for our community involving team and free agent organization in addition to developing weekly events for all players to participate in. With the recent announcement of the Master Chief Collection, and tournaments such as RTX, our community finally has reason to be excited. It is for the purpose of doing my part in breathing life back into a game that is so dear to me that I am stepping forward as the new face of the Competitive Halo League. Despite those who operated the league with me in the past declining to return I know that I have the dedication and ability to make this new CHL a valuable resource for the community. In the coming months I plan to host and develop a website that caters to the league format I hope to provide in time with the release of Halo 2 Anniversary. You can expect that Season 1 of CHL will include these key features: Register on the website as a free agent or as a team beginning November 1st Free agents play in nightly customs the week that H2A releases to form additional teams A month long season against weekly opponent teams beginning November 18th A playoff bracket to decide the winner the week after the season concludes Stat tracking, from K/D to flag captures and more If Season 1 is successful, future seasons will include a league ranking system to ensure teams compete against others in their skill bracket, in addition to other features that I simply cannot implement by the start of the first season. It is my goal to revitalize a league that can give players of all skill levels a platform to compete, to improve, and to eventually challenge the best on the main stage at LAN events. I hope that after reading this you can have enough faith in me to register for season 1 at http://competitivehaloleague.com on November 1st until the start of the season on November 18th. Thank you for your time, and I hope you had a wonderful Bungie day! -Mags PS. You may PM me (or tweet me @Mikemagss) any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have as I am open to anything that may help make CHL the best it can be.
  2. Hey guys! I'm the event coordinator for CHL. Don't be discouraged from joining CHL if you're a Free Agent. It's my job to work with all the F/A's during the preseason to form teams with each other by hosting weekly events that get you introduced to one another and finding out who you mesh well with. I will also be hosting weekly events available for all members of CHL that enable the community to play together outside of their scheduled matches. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or concerns you may have regarding CHL, I'll be happy to speak with you! And don't forget to check us out on Reddit! Link GT: Mikemagss
  3. I'm in central CT. Add me: Mikemagss
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