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  1. Howdy fellas. how's everyone doing? Its been awhile... God i miss the good ol' days....The H2 days
  2. I can definitely respect the dedication to his team. I wish more amateurs would show some dedication. But thats never been a thing in Halo... I just think hes SO much better than what hes currently competing against. Should be more than a fill-in/sub, for the proleague. Hopefully OS can steal a spot (idk if thats even possible, no idea how this league works)
  3. Why isnt Ryanoob on a real pro team? Thats all i came back to say.
  4. Whats new in here? long time no see TB homies.
  5. Actually enjoyed some H5 right there... What beast.
  6. Can i get flipped back to a green bar, please and thanks.
  7. Well, That meme got me then... lol. maybe ive been out of the forum game too long.
  8. Id like too see a full list as well. Been m.i.a awhile. But @Brutus_Ps on twitter is the man for AM Teams info though, for anyone who doesn't follow him.
  9. I don't know the post you speak of, but i am very interested in reading your analysis. Are you posting it when finished? Or is it for something else?
  10. No radar has been a much funner specator experience for me today. Just about every gametype is significantly better. Rig is the one question mark with no radar for me. Its a little chaotic atm, so many power weapons and so many routes around the map. Not an easy map to play without radar. It'll take some practice and new strategies to completely control Rig. Grenade launcher is horrible imo. Its FAR to easy of an instant kill. Not a fan at all.
  11. why do we have to continue to put up with radar? Come on guys, just give it up already... All the other changes are sounds good though. Thank you for removing some of the splinter nades. Nothing is more annoying than damn splinter nades.
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