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  1. I don't check the forums or twitter for 4 hours and breakout is gone? I'll be taking leaves of absense for 4 hours once a day from here on out until we get no radar
  2. Same thing happened in the beginning of COD AW with team changes. MLG eventually locked the rosters after qualifying for their pro league. Put an end to all of the crazy changes. I would think the season after HWC will have similar rules.
  3. Does anyone have an updated list for the T16 teams after last weekends qualifier? I can't find one anywhere.
  4. Looking to pick up someone for the qualifier tomorrow. Message WTFlipSide on XBL if you want to run games, ill be on for the next couple hours. All onyx in arena if that matters to you, have event experience as well.
  5. gonna run with the guys that posted before you, ill invite you when were done though.
  6. We are two dedicated and experienced players with even experience looking for two for the HWC online qualifiers and any events that will be announced in the future. We are on pretty much every week night from 730CST to 11-12CST, and can be on more on the weekends. Message me on XBL or post in this thread if you want to run some games. GT: WTFlipSide GT: GSO DarkSide Edit: Really want to solidify the team by next Sunday to play in the Online Qualifier
  7. Are you wanting the online tourneys to be double elimination? If so that's a disaster waiting to happen.
  8. Same with every other sport honestly. There are always favorites going into the next season
  9. still looking for 2, if you post in here or message me be ready to run games. tired of ppl saying they want to run and never running
  10. @@Gohan top 128 confirmed #StillWorseThanOptic It's logical to shit on pros when you aren't doing anything better tho, right?
  11. It's more than just YouTube though, its a steady income that has the potential to outlast halo money. But I don't think Optic dropped assault
  12. Im streaming some FFA right now, come watch http://www.twitch.tv/wtflipside
  13. On now, looking to run games with some people, message me on XBL
  14. Shadowmaster? Lol I'm assuming so since you know where I work. And it's the same as any other time. Average lol
  15. Adding everyone. Will be on around 7-7:30 CST tonight.
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