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  1. I texted my friend that Puckett will be casting Columbus, his response: "Bring extra underwear"
  2. my problem is they were really shady about taking out the glitch. first of all they could have done it sooner before people got use to it as a mechanic. also when people asked about it at the EU qualifier they could have confirmed that it was being taken out instead of whatever generic answer they gave us. i would have liked to see the glitch stay, but since they wanted it out they could have been a little less shady about it.
  3. i think that mikwen is joining renegades but bringing the nV org. just a thought.
  4. i had issues at launch with TWC but i bought a new modem and havent had a problem since. maybe that is the issue? the modem i bought is this one.
  5. i didnt understand why people didnt talk about Heinz when talking about top players in the past, just because he got a late start due to internet issues i guess. i think he is for sure a top 5 player right now.
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    i like halo. i watch all the tournaments and watch streamers daily. my twitch name is jdickson93.
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