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  1. I live in the UK and have a decent connection. I'll add everyone who has posted usernames later tonight. My username is: The Final Ronin ADD ME !!!
  2. Let me know how the update is guys. I'll be getting stuck into some Titanfall next week and the only reason I'm back is because of H2A rumours so I hope we don't get let down. My advice to any of you guys fed up of Halo is to move on for now Battlefield/Titanfall/Destiny. I see many of you guys putting your decision for buying an Xbox One on the next Halo game but believe me the current games are enough. I wasted so much time and money on the last 2 Halo games. If anybody has an XB1 add me up for Battlefield/Titanfall. Fingers crossed for H2A.
  3. Add me to the list. Should I add players or do we have a silver account with everyone on. GT; The Final Ronin
  4. Battlefield is still great but mainly because it's different than Halo, so I agree and hope they keep Halo simple. About the Halo 4 vs Reach debate it's silly because Reach is so limited in the fact that you have very few playlists to choose unless you like having to change between bloom and no bloom. At least Halo 4 had some changes implemented quite soon rather than with Reach we had the TU a whole year later that was very poor. Population is bad on H4 yes but also due to many people being bored of playing a bad Halo game because we endured so long with Reach and it was like the great depression. I played both H4 and HR recently after a long break and H4 was better to me don't know why I found it way more fun than Reach.
  5. I gave up checking back here for a long time as Xbox One came along and the next Halo has got a long way to go to be as epic as Battlefield 4 is. Glad to see many of the old "faces" from the community are still around and posting. So what's the latest with Halo these days all the pros play CoD I've noticed lol.
  6. I'm going to keep my 360 but not for Halo 4. I'm really into Battlefield 3 atm, it has always been a better made game but I was in denial because I wanted Halo to be great. Straight to XB1 and Battlefield 4 for me and I'll get Halo 5 when it comes. I would urge people to try Battlefield out the developers really listen and change things for the better and you can't deny BF4 looks epic. If anyone plays BF3 atm add me. Soon I'll only be turning my 360 on for games like Halo 2/3 and any single player games I want to finish.
  7. I have a server add me and we can play,I know how you feel I get kicked all the time, issues like that will be fixed for Battlefield 4 hopefully.
  8. I'm not a huge fan of CoD but I can see why it's popular, CoD 4 was the best for me just nice and simple without much of the clutter that was added. Personally I don't think CoD change enough it's all still running on an ancient engine, don't get me started on lag comp. The core of CoD has always remained and that's what Halo needs to get back for the next game. I could never give up Halo for CoD but Battlefield is a different story, Battlefield 3 is an amazing game to me and the developers are great we have had huge amounts of DLC, 5 large game updates that have totally changed features (drastic changes like taking sprint and bloom out of H4). With Battlefield 4 later this year I can't wait, the developers have touched on almost every complaint with BF3. Halo 5 needs to be great because if not it will pass by like a tear in the rain because Battlefield 4 will be EPIC. I urge everybody to try out Battlefield 3 or 4 when it comes out. Sorry for long rambling answer.
  9. I wanted them new so just got them from the Astro website. I also live in the UK so no stores sell them. $250 on the Astro site roughly depending on the style.
  10. xbconnect.com You install it on your pc then can host and find games it uses the system link. If you need help setting up I can help. Think it's easier if your using a wired connection, wired to the pc and xbox. Feel free to add me everyone, my name is the same.
  11. We have made progress but I still want more ASAP, I like Gandhi but in mid November Xbox One is out with great looking games like Battlefield 4 so I won't be sticking around. Dice have done amazing with Battlefield we have been given 4 big game updates and every complaint is being touched for BF4. 343don't have a leg to stand on when I see what Dice has done as a developer. Fingers crossed for Halo 5.
  12. Other than the Pit it doesn't sound like much will change so that is a shame, but if new maps have a chance I'd recommend Orion (KOTH/TS) and Landfall (KOTH or EXT/TS). Plenty of decent forged maps exist that others have mentioned but I haven't played them, only the ones I've mentioned.
  13. Yeah doesn't sound much of a competition, shame it's part of the fps fest with so few teams attending. I live in the UK so normally stay up quite late watching but this might be the only time I don't watch it all. Anybody got a schedule.
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