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  1. This says everything that needs to be said about Spartan Charge (found on r/halo): http://i.imgur.com/XdxDV7x.gifv
  2. Well this is good news; unfortunately campaign-extenders like Scoring need to be present early in a game's life cycle to maintain campaign play over longer periods of time and cast the widest possible net over campaign players. Now all we need is Campaign Theater and hopefully that'll all be present in Halo 6: Subtitle (as @@Zeezbruh mentioned). None of that will make up for a disappointing campaign, however ...
  3. I would recommend that anyone with an interest in Halo's story and campaigns read Haruspis' level-by-level analysis of Halo 5, in particular that of the final level, a sample of which I've included below. Now, in 343i's early days they stressed their efforts in uniting and stewarding the franchise's lore across various media; what happened with Halo 5 and some of the texts preceding it, namely Halo: Escalation, represents incredibly disappointing, poor management of the Halo story. The comments also fly in the face of the idea that the story of Halo 5 was planned well in advance. I have said this before, but I have no confidence that the current situation will improve and I have no interest in the direction 343i are taking the narrative.
  4. I missed the narrative discussion, but this is exactly the issue (and what I and others have been saying since completing the campaign last year). The story of Halo 4 was not by any measure phenomenal, but the right seeds were sown for potentially interesting future developments, in particular, John's humanity (especially given the loss of Cortana, and the parallel of issues of individual 'humanity' with those of the species through the tripartite ONI/Covenant/Promethean fiasco - What does it mean to be human? What is the place of humanity in the galaxy?). Those threads have been squandered, and frankly any attempt to progress those in Halo 6: Subtitle will feel out of place narratively, due to the lack of development in Halo 5: Guardians. Halo 5's story has nullified any interest I had in where the franchise narrative goes; the AI rebellion is simply not interesting.
  5. Mass Effect 2 is one of mine, but Mass Effect 3 is the most disappointing game I've ever played. I personally wouldn't have included Bioware in that list. As for buying Halo 6: Subtitle, Halo 5's campaign killed any interest I had in where the franchise was going narratively, and the multiplayer is, as @@Gazorpazorp alluded to, a strange mix of steps forward in some areas and backward in others (with issues that, months later, are still to be addressed, e.g. the balancing of the sandbox) that failed to maintain my interest.
  6. The new Arena map (Coliseum remix) is called Tyrant, and as @@Mattster alluded to, it certainly looks bright: Also, here's an good look a Skirmish at Darkstar's layout:
  7. That doesn't sound promising for those trying to offer 343i feedback on this forum.
  8. I had started writing feedback some time ago, but stopped after it became quite the repeat of what I had said in many posts before Halo 5's launch. However, with recent focus from 343i on Warzone/REQ system feedback, I finished the following: (any thoughts are welcome) Warzone and the REQ System What are the shortcomings and how can they be addressed? Warzone is an interesting mode with definite potential, and its current iteration in Halo 5 has seen moderate success in realizing that potential. There are, as is to be expected for a first implementation, a number of shortcomings with Warzone itself, and the tightly integrated REQ system. Scale AI Objectives Core Destruction Landslide Victories and the REQ System @@Sal1ent, any response is appreciated.
  9. Just signed in to post this ... a few minutes too late. It's an excellent analysis, and I hope that UI is identified by 343i as a major area requiring improvement, but given that both Halo 4 and 5 had such issues in this area, it's difficult to be optimistic about the possibility of positive change.
  10. If it was intentional, why include vehicles in Team Snipers (as you say, that's a strange and not particularly palatable decision)? If not: Remember, remember, the 12th of December; Crimson Map Pack, 14 Day Buy and Play.
  11. And the new Warzone map looks ... disappointingly similar to all of the other human maps in Halo 5 (however expected that may be, given the Meridian setting).
  12. I think you're underselling the extent to which spread reduction and the resultant increases in accuracy skew the skill/damage balance (which itself isn't great at the moment), and push the effectiveness of automatic weapons beyond their ideal range. 343i would have done better to simply remove spread reduction through Smart Scope following the beta, in place of the slight reduction they implemented.
  13. I was on board with this idea for a while (particularly before launch) to enhance the combative/offensive use of the ability, but I think that, given the short length of the thrust itself, to allow shooting while using the Thruster Pack (with a no aim assist/bullet magnetism trade-off) would confer a greater advantage to automatic weapons than precision weapons as a result of differences in rate-of-fire and their shot intervals and thus exacerbate current issues with automatic weapons in Halo 5's sandbox. I would rather see the time interval for which one cannot shoot while employing the Thruster Pack be tuned to equal the shot interval of the game's utility/starting weapon (which should be a 4sk Magnum, with an ever so slightly longer shot interval than the current iteration and reduced bullet magnetism [which is an issue across the sandbox]) in light of the above, which would also accentuate the act of 'Thrust Cancelling.' However, I would still like to see (at least for testing/experimentation purposes) the ability to shoot while sprinting (with a no aim assist/bullet magnetism trade-off) introduced, perhaps with a slight damage reduction for automatic weapons to address the differing extent to which no aim assist/bullet magnetism would impact such weapons in comparison to those of the precision variety.
  14. Of course it is. While I can perhaps understand his frustration given that his initial expression of his opinion (which was not stated offensively) was met with a fast pile-on of negative reputation by yourself and others, more polite language could have been used in his later posts. That does not change what was unnecessary down-voting that is unbecoming a forum environment, where opinions should be discussed with respect, nor does it change was was pretty poor form from @@heytred.
  15. Regardless of whether or not you agree with @@Cursed Lemon's post, the piling on of down-votes was just unnecessary. If you disagree, express it and engage in discussion, but respect the opinion and avoid resorting to a petty ad hominem:
  16. While that's not confirmation, your argument is reasonably sound. That being said, a simple 'Arena weapons released in previous content updates were made available in customs,' would have sufficed.
  17. Link/source/time-stamp? Thanks in advance.
  18. I am not a fan of the audio for Halo 5's Gravity Hammer in the Griball gameplay above, it lacks the presence of previous iterations that elevated their sound above the bland and mundane to match the joy of using them. For comparison:
  19. As others have pointed out 'As a reminder, the February update brings with it new modes such as Assault and Grifball, as well as the ability to create game types like Oddball and Ricochet thanks to custom game options,' doesn't scream matchmaking availability in the short term to me. We know from the way 343i have described this update, that such game-types won't be available in matchmaking when Hammer Storm launches (where, on the other hand, I would expect we'll see Assault, Grifball and Fiesta). Of course they could be added to matchmaking at a later time, yet ... demand for new modes has been high basically since the launch of Halo 5, and it is only now that they will be delivered through updates in excess of 3 months later (depending, I suppose, on how you view Big Team Battle). There has been, to my mind, significant indication through various seasons of The Sprint, ViDocs, interviews, and posts that 343i engage in (over?)long (or perhaps merely the result of the allocation of significant time/resources to engine work during the early development of Halo 5, as 'A Hero Reborn' detailed) testing phases for new content, particularly any content being added to matchmaking, So while the demand for new modes remains high, and 343i would be able to leverage their work on Assault and the custom game options themselves to expedite the process, I don't see the arrival of Oddall or Ricochet in matchmade multiplayer happening 'soon,' though I would love to be wrong. Exactly. *** One thing that wasn't entirely clear in the update was whether we have merely been given the 'ability to create game types like Oddball and Ricochet thanks to custom game options,' or as the update graphic stated 'custom game options including Oddball & Ricochet,' which reads like those two modes are pre-set options one can select in custom games, and play as is or make further changes. Perhaps @@Sal1ent can clarify this? I would expect the former description is more accurate, and the process would entail custom game variations of Assault/Grifball, not pre-set Oddball/Grifball options (which also doesn't make sense in terms of their restriction to custom games in such a case), and it is merely the case that the requisite short statement for the info-graphic didn't convey this clearly, but it would be nice to have this clarified.
  20. Oh, I wasn't suggesting it was beneficial or advantageous in some way, quite the opposite in fact. I would have liked to have seen confirmation of a default Oddball mode for both matchmaking and custom games for reasons of both consistency and accessibility. What I was largely getting at was that @@Infinity suggested that 343i were avoiding mentioning Oddball or that, 'you can make Oddball,' because they were still working on a default Oddball mode and wished to avoid fragmentation/inconsistent definitions of the Oddball experience or community backlash, yet the fact that a multiplayer designer from 343i did mention Oddball in the context of making 'classic' game modes through custom game variation of Assault runs counter to that argument. As I don't work for 343i, I can't answer that with certainty, but given the information made available to us at this stage, I would wager that we won't see Oddball in any official/default capacity, e.g. in playlists, when the February update launches and for some time afterward. It may, as I suggested, become an official mode and be featured in playlists if there is a strong community sentiment (which there likely is) for such an inclusion, or perhaps this may occur through some community playlist. Bingo.
  21. In the Infinity's Armory livestream, Max Grossman (who wrote much of the section of the 'A Whole New Ball Game' community update concerning new game types) effectively said that. It seems their intention is not to make a default Oddball (or Ricochet) mode, but to let the community fashion the game type through custom game variations of their rendition of Assault (or Grifball), I would imagine, unless there is significant community backlash. https://youtu.be/02xPPex4IYA?t=39m25s
  22. Is optional server/data center selection something you would consider revisiting?
  23. Could you clarify what you mean by this? I am assuming you're referring to the actual population numbers as being pleasing, because the relative performance of the Breakout playlist over the Holiday period, as revealed in the recent 'Opening Statements' community update, didn't appear strong with the following rankings: It would seem quite the stretch to call the playlist ranked 8th (of 10) 'popular,' would it not?
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