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  1. I'd argue Frankie is more active, but maybe thats because I like to read GAF more.
  2. You know what I dont get, in the 15th anniversary "moments and memories" video, they talk about stuff which they loved in previous games, such as Bonnie Ross saying she loved the warthog in CE and the sandbox style level etc... But then here comes Halo 5, with absolutely no such level at all. I mean at least Halo 4 had something slightly similar (granted it was shit, barely open, and not sandbox at all).
  3. To be honest, I liked those. Halo has a great universe, and I like the idea that I can walk around these bases and see whats up, hear some comments, talk to some people, see what the base/camp looks like. On the other hand, I didn't understand why they are separate levels. I thought it would have been cooler if it was a bit more of a hub, where it gives you options (as you said) for what you can change, as in it would have been cool if I could have picked the weapons from a selection, talk to some guys and get some intel (what kind of enemies am I expecting, can I skip some etc...). Also if there were more hidden stuff. Also stuff I collected could have been displayed there, like the secret weapons which I can take with me.
  4. Actually a good point was raised here. What does Halo 5 customs PC mean for HCS and competitive Halo, if there would be any effect?
  5. Ugh, fuck what I said about r/Halo. Getting in a massive argument with a guy about sprint, because he seems to think that the second he brings up "just remove spartan charge" all of sprints issues will be raised. Fuck those people
  6. Watching Gears 4 news and gameplay always makes me annoyed with Halo 5, IDK why. Anyone else feel this way?
  7. Also I've been out of the loop for a while, anybody know why Cooper was banned (if I'm allowed to ask that question)? Always liked a lot of his posts.
  8. Do you have any you personally posted on hand which show the case? I've had a multitude of times where I bash 343, and say generally their output is not great, and get average 20 up votes on said cases. The only case where I've ever seen such ridiculous down voting and negativity, which is unwarranted for was with Arglactable post regarding sprint of something several months ago. I'm pretty active on r/halo.
  9. Thats a bit of a gross exaggeration, r/halo imo is a great community. Yes they have the tendency to be overly optimistic and positive, but it doesn't come at the harm and blind ignorance you'd see on waypoint. You'll only ever see massive negativity to posts and comments which are overly negative and rude (or borderline rude). I've had plenty of negative comments get massive numbers of up votes. Yes also the occasional down votes, but anyone who disagrees tends to respond to me in a meaningful and reasoned way. A lot of people will not understand it if you're flat out positing continuous negative rhetoric, with zero constructive and meaningful dialogue. Heck if I look at the "top" posts of r/halo, outside of what, amazing forge creations and cool custom games. Only actually 1 text post makes it to the top posts, a big critique of Halo 5. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/419l2x/after_reading_about_the_january_update_ive/ So not sure where this idea that they're always happy and always down vote negative posts comes from, when the only top post in the top 25 most upvoted is a negative critique of Halo 5. Honestly TB is great for discussion, and I love lurking and reading, and it generally has intelligent Halo players, but r/halo is an important part of the community, raising some good concerns which gets of a lot more viewership, and a place to share community creations, funny posts, memes etc...
  10. Anyone feel like the vehicle physics have changed up a bit? I can't really put my finger on it, but messing around with it in warzone makes me feel like something has changed?
  11. I kinda missed the entire stream, but all I see is the stuff Forge is adding. How is the team this amazing. I thought the wall-running they added was pretty cool too, albeit no animation.
  12. I watched his video, but I'm pretty sure this came up again a while back and Frankie shot it down on GAF.
  13. From what I remember it just felt really easy to die. Because there would be constant pings back and forth. I do like how in Warzone auto's are never nearly as much of a problem as in arena because of better precision weapon spawns. I just think BR/DMR's have a problem, I don't know what it is, they just feel way more overpowered compared to previous games, and you can se this with how easy it is to destroy vehicles in BTB.
  14. I don't know if the pistol should be at that level though, I remember Halo 5 beta BR spawns for arena, they were fun and auto's weren't nearly as infuriating in some situations, but I just felt it was just a bit too much.
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