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  1. Anyone know why MCC isnt in my "Insider content" on the Insider hub thing? I only see Minecraft edit: nvm i see you have to be invited
  2. Is there a way I don't get banned when I quit the build in the pregame?
  3. If you quit the build in the pregame lobby, does that count as a loss or no?
  4. Another 2 years for a new Halo multiplayer oh my lord
  5. Unrelated but we are expecting a Royale mode in the new Halo right? First COD, now Battlefield. EDIT: I meant new Halo lol my b
  6. How is the game without ground pound/SP? Does it lower skill gap or anything like that? I imagine some jumps/places are limited now without GP hover thing to help
  7. Guys what are the HCS changes? I haven't played in awhile
  8. Yea specialists are shitty, I agree with you there. But Jetpacks/wall running was the main knock on BO3 (at least to me and what i've seen). Them taking that out is a step in the right direction imo
  9. BO3 wasn't bad and was much better than the game that came after and before. And they took out the worse parts of BO3 which was the jetpacks/wall running.
  10. Whos buying COD for the campaign? I haven't played a COD campaign since Ghosts. And I've purchased every COD game since COD4 BO4 looks good to me. Basically combined BO2 and BO3 and took out jetpacks. Idk what to expect from the BR mode but this is gonna be shooters now since Fortnite is a hit and biggest game since like ever.
  11. Splyce is just on another level. Congratz to them for winning HWC
  12. Ninja will host/raid the stream today most likely. Not sure where the stream will be moments after but the highest view count should hit around 100k or over. Splyce will win the event. Just gotta hope for a good series between them and Tox
  13. Did Hecz sell part of the org? How is he not calling the biggest shots? Where did these people come from lol?
  14. Wouldn't say Rayne got carried but i'd definitely go with the younger talent over him. They have a much higher ceiling
  15. I dont think you can. I think theres a big gap in skill from the top 4 teams and everyone else but maybe thats just me.
  16. Not gonna lie looking at this really shows how little the talent pool is in Halo
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