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  1. GT: Joshua Swick http://halotracker.com/h5/player/joshua-swick
  2. Onyx 1700 in Arena. 1850 last season. Looking to push 2k+ this season.
  3. Attended first event in '03. Won every local event I've attended. Looking to carry that over to online tournaments. Give me a chance in your team environment and you'll be impressed. I'm only interested in teams that put in the effort to watch film and go over strats. 24 years old. Northern Colorado. I play most evenings after 8 pm EST.
  4. Instead of re-balancing the autos maybe change the map weapon placement to make them less common?
  5. Running games now. Message either of us on xbl. Onyx+ in Arena/Slayer please.
  6. Power weapons and pushing when the other team is down 1 or 2 isn't incentive?
  7. GT: Joshua Swick Age: 24 XP: Local FFA/4v4 events in H:CE, 2, 3 and Reach (All 1st place of course). GB, PGLs Times: Evenings/Latenight + Mornings on weekends. Location: Colorado I use the same equipment as used at HCS events. LF team for HWC/GB. Team Arena CSR is around 1700 right now mostly playing 2s or solo. I am a VERY intelligent player. Add and message me online or here if you are interested in running some games. Teamwork/Positioning > Skill
  8. I completely agree. It slows the game down too when the first thing you have to do off spawn is find another weapon. Not good for halo.
  9. It is already obvious that BR starts will be needed in competitive settings. The pistols small clip size and shorter range is not enough when the other team has full control of the map. 1v1 the pistol can compete with true utility weapons, but when the other team is team shooting it is not enough.
  10. I may be able to Saturday afternoon until whenever. I'll see if any one I know around here is interested in joining.
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