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  1. yo ricebowl ive played you several times in champ FFA. Im down to team up and also hes looking for 2 more! ^^ are you guys down to pursue this?
  2. hey guys. Ive been playing halo since '02 and during halo 2 in 05' was when I really got the dream to go pro but especially in halo 3. I never had money, transportation, or a bonified team. now that I'm 21 years old, I have my own business, (I only work friday and saturday and I make enough money.) Im on ALL night every night but I will usually be on around 2-7pm CDT during the day as well. Im available to run any online tournaments! (GB, UMG, TeamBeyond, ESL go4halo, etc.). Im definitely available for LIVE events and ALL open circuit events. I WILL be at orange county and Las Vegas for the FFA tourneys regardless. Message me on my GT: LUKEaUrOrA or my 2nd GT: LUKEaUrOrA 2nd. (practicing for FFA on that account and currently champion 51 in FFA on it). I really want to find people with the same goals and willingness as me so please message and who knows, maybe something big can happen for us. Contrv recommended me to ask on here. You can also message me on my twitter @REAL_lukeaurora. thanks guys
  3. First off I've been playing halo competitivly since '04 in halo 2. I played ALOT of Gamebattles on halo 3 when I found about it and played a lot of online tourneys with a lot of success. Especially the FFA ones. Ive always wanted to pursue this and go pro but never found a legit stable team! I at least had a team to run ranked with and get multiple 50s with but none were willing to put in money and travel but then again neither could I as I was 13 at the time. I did however qualify for the bics flex 4 FFA tourney online back in '09 and was able to go compete in the LAN event. I missed my chance to go pro in halo and seeing CoD took MLG over, I thought I'd never be able to again.. But then I got on Gamebattles yesterday to run some gears of war and CoD matches and saw HALO 5 WAS ON THEIR CHOICES!!!! Halo is coming back to MLG!!!! I'm 20 years old now, with money and transportation!! I'm more than willing to pursue this now!!! I'm looking for amazing teammates to run with Asap with the same goals! Halo 5 could be my, OUR, second chance!! I'm a F/A for all future halo 5 events including the upcoming Daytona! I want to grow with the team. My gamer tag is: LUKEaUrOrA . Twitter: @real_lukeaurora . Contact me if interested! Looking for serious players!! Message me.

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