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  1. Anchor 9 is my jam but I don't think there is enough space to save the zero g area. Top 10 Halo map tragedies.
  2. He's mixing up the terminology but I believe him about quit rates. H5's problem is the number of playlists / population, not the ranking system.
  3. Stalactites were nonsense. Waterfalls are whatever. Warlord was cool for Slayer but the extra routes definitely hurt objective modes. I liked the extra jumps on Shrine.
  4. Beyond is working on an official broadcast right now so I can't handle the Barbiter talk at the moment. We'll clean this up tonight.
  5. Welcome to the community! Excited to have you compete in our Apex events
  6. I couldn't agree more – 4,000+ word blog posts promising "unity" and a strong "vision" mean nothing when Halo games continue to be unable to sustain a healthy population 3 months after launch. The root of the issue continues to be the game(s) itself. MCC release was a nightmare, Halo 5 suffered from stubborn developers and an identity crisis spanning 3 years, and the MCC reboot/PC release is fueled by nostalgia from players who will not play for more than 10 hours of MP after purchasing. I will continue to believe that Halo needs to present an experience that can be enjoyed and sustained by multiple parties – spectators, streamers, competitors, campaign players, casual MP fans, etc. I'm not saying we all need to be playing the same game (universal settings, etc.), but treating Halo esports as one tiny sliver of a massive pie isn't going to cut it any longer. Real unity will come from a game we all truly enjoy playing and watching. MCC will never deliver that as a 6-in-one package. Infinite is our last hope, and I'm worried about what they are cooking up.
  7. Decent ranks. These are mine. ODST (GOAT) Reach H3 / H4 H1/H2 (Played very little of these) H5
  8. Slow spawning, 1x quantity 'power grenades' would be tight. A one-off teleport with the physics of a grenade would be free highlight reel material. If advanced movement has to stay, I've always wanted them to take this route. Solid movement options like Thrust and Stabilize that have to be fought to be acquired and maintained the same way power weapons are. Imagine how much more dynamic Halo 5 would have been if the moment-to-moment gameplay was about maintaining movement options like in Rocket League rather than hunting for weapon upgrades and snowballing with the sandbox.
  9. The games are being released in chronological order (Reach > CE > 2 > 3/ODST > 4). Sold individually. Reach has been in public testing for a while now with lots of delays and shuffles. I believe we've only seen one campaign mission and Firefight on PC builds, a little bit of multiplayer on console. Plenty to be excited about in theory but the flighting seems never-ending and there's no release date in site. Infinite only makes things more complicated.

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