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  1. I think it would be cool if the Ball had a timer on it like KoTH hills, or an amount of time that is "exhausted", causing the ball to respawn once it's held for a certain amount of time. The timers for Ball spawns could then be synced to different weapon spawns/cycles to mix up strategy, and there could be multiple spawn locations on the map, causing strong/weak setups, at least for asym maps. Throwing the ball is whack though, keep that out.
  2. New playlist update is all around terrible. DMR/AR starts achieve the same goal for social and Ranked Slayer is always a bad idea.
  3. Hey Tristan, you're correct. We'll be emailing the participants from San Diego very soon with details regarding signups and bonus points. You'll be receiving a small amount of points for participating at the booth to get a head start on the first Winter Season leaderboard.
  4. Grifball was permanent for a very long time and was consistently H5's least popular playlist. #1 example of how too many playlists is a problem.
  5. Mythic Arena is sick. Absolutely wild that the first No Sprint / No Radar playlist came 4 years after launch. If it were Pistol starts it could be Top 3 Halo experiences for me. I especially love the nerfed melees.
  6. am I reading this wrong or is there GameCube & GC Controller slander on my forum?
  7. Anchor 9 is my jam but I don't think there is enough space to save the zero g area. Top 10 Halo map tragedies.
  8. He's mixing up the terminology but I believe him about quit rates. H5's problem is the number of playlists / population, not the ranking system.

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