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  1. After understanding the loot tables and rune charts, Menagerie is definitely a great addition to the Destiny endgame. Would love to see more activities embrace selectable/modifiable tables of loot.
  2. How the hell did they bring Truth back before Hawkmoon though...
  3. Your teammates must sign in and accept their invitation to the team. Each player needs to have updated contact info and accept the team invitation before you are eligible to check in. Here's a more in-depth check-in guide.
  4. TF1 was a mixed bag, but TF2 is almost universally praised for both SP and MP, it just was given the worst release window in FPS history. Apex has phenomenal gameplay and is only being dragged down by Fortnite players who are used to developers drip-feeding redundant clone weapons week by week as "post launch content". Apex might be a bit dry at the moment in terms of supplementary content but its gameplay allows it to stand on its own, I wouldn't dig on Respawn as drastically as you are framing it. In fact I think its one of the only competently designed shooters available at the moment.
  5. Click here and go to your "team". There is a check in button on your team page.

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