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  1. He's mixing up the terminology but I believe him about quit rates. H5's problem is the number of playlists / population, not the ranking system.
  2. Stalactites were nonsense. Waterfalls are whatever. Warlord was cool for Slayer but the extra routes definitely hurt objective modes. I liked the extra jumps on Shrine.
  3. Beyond is working on an official broadcast right now so I can't handle the Barbiter talk at the moment. We'll clean this up tonight.
  4. Welcome to the community! Excited to have you compete in our Apex events
  5. I couldn't agree more – 4,000+ word blog posts promising "unity" and a strong "vision" mean nothing when Halo games continue to be unable to sustain a healthy population 3 months after launch. The root of the issue continues to be the game(s) itself. MCC release was a nightmare, Halo 5 suffered from stubborn developers and an identity crisis spanning 3 years, and the MCC reboot/PC release is fueled by nostalgia from players who will not play for more than 10 hours of MP after purchasing. I will continue to believe that Halo needs to present an experience that can be enjoyed and sustained by multiple parties – spectators, streamers, competitors, campaign players, casual MP fans, etc. I'm not saying we all need to be playing the same game (universal settings, etc.), but treating Halo esports as one tiny sliver of a massive pie isn't going to cut it any longer. Real unity will come from a game we all truly enjoy playing and watching. MCC will never deliver that as a 6-in-one package. Infinite is our last hope, and I'm worried about what they are cooking up.
  6. Decent ranks. These are mine. ODST (GOAT) Reach H3 / H4 H1/H2 (Played very little of these) H5

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