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  1. Do any of you do ab specific work? Or just let your compound lifts build your core?
  2. So some of you advocated that low intensity cardio for heart health. Any negative impact on testosterone by doing that? Or not enough to offset the health benefits?
  3. True weighlifters wear it at all times in the gym (honestly idk why some of these people in the gym do that)
  4. You can try but you'll never really know if she's being nice because she likes your or being nice because she has to because she's serving you lol Shoot your shot, see what happens. But know going in that your chance is pretty slim.
  5. Smart man Also Matt you posted that IG pic about abs, what's your opinion on ab work?
  6. Yanno, I used to feel that way, but I put on my favorite playlist and honestly 30 mins flew by on the bike
  7. I started doing the stationary bike for 30 mins at a time, and it really isn't that bad. I don't know why I've waited so long to add back in cardio for my heart health
  8. Where do you find the time for such lengthy workouts? Is your gym down the street? EDIT: Oops, I read 90 mins per week as 90 mins per day lol
  9. LISS? Also I do Sumo because I've found it a safer deadlift movement for me at 6'4"
  10. Agree with your first point. Muscle rounds sounds interesting
  11. Sorry lol that was just a single suggestion. I feel like you'll have to cook more than eat things like Denny's on a low fat diet
  12. Lean cuts of meats. When I was serious about counting macros, I found that I didn't eat much fat so I had to add things into my diet so I could get more
  13. What a topic to revive this thread, if only temporarily
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