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  1. Greetings beyonders! I am a long time lurker and someone who prefers to not post in forums in general due to the nature of text communication and it's necessity for clear context and over clarification but often always lack thereof (think Key and Peele's Text Message Confusion) which leads to unnecessary disagreements, arguments, and misunderstandings. It is for that and many other reasons that I avoid posting but at the suggestion of some people I met and had a discussion with in arena I am now going against my principles. First off let me once again say thanks to Team Beyond and all others who were involved in the No Radar invitational. I am a huge fan of testing things out and the whole scientific method thing so I really can't thank you enough as the community and the pros both have acquired valuable experience, feedback, and insight from the experiment. The whole "Radar" discussion has always bothered me as it has generally only endorsed one of two absolutes. Halo 5 either remains as is with its 18 meter motion sensor range or it is removed entirely. The reason this bothers me is because no one seems to be looking at the compromises available. It seems many are now shifting the "radar" argument over to "it should only show thrusting and sprinting". No one however seems to be talking about the range of the motion sensor as part of the discussion and so here I go. Halo 5 allows for the customization of the motion sensors inner range from within the "Player Traits" settings when in a custom game lobby. I have previously spent time messing with these settings and would like to discuss three of them. First we have 20% inner range which equates to an 8 meter "radar". I have played with some friends while using this preset and found that with the sensor range being so small we could not see each other on "radar" when on opposing sides of either sneaky or the turbine pillar on Empire. It was so small that it in many scenarios may as well have not been there at all as it was essentially useless. I only tested it on Empire and Eden and did not play a full and serious match. Second we have 30% which gives players a 12 meter "radar" range. I played with this setting in a few 1v1s with a friend back in late 2015 or early 2016. This is the one I liked the most as it supplied me with enough information to make informed and intelligent plays but also required me to be more aware of may surroundings. Third and last we have 40% creating a "radar" with a 16 meter range. I must admit that I have not tested this one but mention it as it is the final option before the motion sensors range begins to become larger than the standard 18 meters. Throughout my experience with the 8 and 12 meter "radar" ranges I noticed that, like with having "no radar", I noticed that I approached situations a bit differently with each setting. The range of the motion sensor directly altered the speed at which I played, the weapons I used as my primary, and my overall mindset regarding how I should play the map and certain situations. While the differences are for sure not as severe as when playing with no motion sensor at all I found it to be an interesting compromise that I would urge players to test out for themselves. I am by no means an authority on the subject of competitive Halo 5 or its motion sensor. It is not my intention to beat a dead horse and I apologize to all those who only wish to see all this "radar" talk come to a conclusion. Having said that, I am genuinely curious to see what the community thinks about these potential ranges. Whether they are viewed as useless, a potential stand alone fix, or just a helpful addition to the discussion. While I know many here on beyond have little confidence in 343 and their likelihood to make any changes I would like to remind all of you that these options already exist and do not require as much work on 343's part to implement should they ever chose to do so. If nothing happens and it turns out these alternative "radar" ranges are not sufficient in the eyes of the Halo community at large then so be it. I am only attempting to remind and or expose us to all the current options for consideration. I would be curious to see another invitational or casual scrims that utilizes the 30% 12 meter motion sensor preset and see what pros and viewers think about it. For all we know one of these alternative motion sensor ranges could be the happy medium we all want or maybe its complete trash. While 12 the meter variant is my current favorite I will remind everyone that I have not tried the 16 meter range. I would also prefer to refrain from taking up a concrete position until such a time that serious testing is performed with the different motion sensors presets. Please be gentle with me. Beyonders can be scary. I'm going back to lurking now.
  2. http://challonge.com/IGDaytonaHaloChamp- Daytona pool play bracket.
  3. CLG practiced each of the 11 game-types against Team Liquid tonight. Team Liquid won 8 out of the 11 rounds. Spartan posted the Lockdown ball game on his Youtube already. Here it is for ease of access http://bit.ly/1K5oePR

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