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  1. ^^^ this.. They just can't get it right.. It was done right in 2001....more customs again
  2. Ask him if he still has them. lol
  3. What is Alexander's xbl tag? Id be down to take those off his hands. XBC Blind Is my tag. Feel free to add me, but just send a message that you're from this thread so I don't delete it
  4. How many could come if we lanned in augusta? I know Hali and the augusta natives could probably swing it, but what about the people coming from out of town. Also, what can you bring setup wise? Og box? Halo 1 final? TV? I don't know a date yet, but if we have a lot then I know of place we could possibly set it up at.
  5. Yeah. I talked to Mezumay awhile back and he mention that he's in dental school. Which is the same for me, so Id be down to throw a Lan with him. Is he from Augusta too?
  6. I didn't think silk was here anymore. Used to play with him back in the day. Wouldn't mind getting back in touch with him. Either way, it seems like we could get something going
  7. Just watched oh for's. Everyone of my clips looks like that run to top power up. Thats such an important kill too, lol.
  8. The magnetism is such a problem. Something happens every game with the pistol that is just ridiculous. I will put up a video in a bit of a compilation of bullets missing all over the place. How did they mess this up so bad? I wish xbc wasn't screwed...atleaste you can figure out the lead in that.......
  9. Ight man. We will see if we can get something together. You played some of my teammates back in the day in a small atlanta h2 tournament. onetwoguy and Mschmidt . I think it was the finals. We all kind of lost interest in 2 around that time and went back to h1 and xbc. Ill pm you some Info and try to get something together.
  10. I wouldn't mind driving to SC if y'all had enough for a good lan
  11. I didn't know Hali lived here. I haven't played with him since the old h2 customs. Do any of you know why they are here? I'm at MCG (gru) and wondering if they are in school here also. I'm down to try and get something together
  12. Been playing for a lonnnngggg time, but i haven't lanned in a couple years. Is there anyone throwing together regular LANs in the Atlanta area? Im in Augusta. Let me know, \
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