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  1. Go to xbox.com/mixpot and sign in with your microsoft account, then create a thread saying you watched the stream but didn‘t get the pack. I got my code via xbl message about 3 days later
  2. @@TheSimms crowd mics would be amazing, if its possible Edit: also gameplay audio is still reversed
  3. Relegation was played out in the open bracket. They played it until winners finals, and then the two teams in it (OS & eRa) were split to play the two pro league teams that were in relegation. Ronin beat eRa and OS beat Str8 --> winners finals OS vs Ronin which Ronin won to secure the first pro league spot and 11th seed in champ bracket. After that the open losers bracket just got played out in which OS won, getting the second pro seed and 12th seed for the champ bracket. At this point relegation was over. Seeds 13-16 were filled from the rest of the open bracket (including eRa) and they just made a better run in champ bracket Making 7/8 place pro league for next season would not have worked in this tourney because it was possible for EU teams to place top 8.
  4. IIRC that fix was specifically for a problem with controller input delay. It made the aiming more responsive but didn't fix the actual "heavy aim"
  5. OG is scrimming NV right now, Frosty and Lethul are streaming. @@Bad Dub Royal 2 is playing on "TheOpTicHitch"
  6. https://www.twitch.tv/itssofrosty Pro 8s about to start, including Formal
  7. I'm guessing 3 or 4: Winners finals, losers finals, grand finals (possibly twice)
  8. Today was just the seeding cup for the LCQ, the real tournament is tomorrow and I believe all top teams from london already have their seed for that.
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