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  1. Any daytime gamers add me for arena or slayer Gt - AzuuuL
  2. Hey Guys im back playing for Halo 5, i played alot of H2 AND H3 and have been to 5 events looking for a group of competitve players to lan with and get to know personally. If there is any lan centers in south california can you guys let me know. If i get a solid group of people that live around me i own my on apartment and am willing to have LAN's at my house once a week. Would be cool to meet some solid dudes that like to game and chill. message me btw gt AzuuuL prior gt was AzulstaR
  3. I've played with you before remember azulstar add me AzuuuL
  4. i have a party of 2 wanna throw me an invite ? gt - azuuul
  5. i remember seeing your name back in the day. throw me a f/r AzuuuL my old gt i use to compete with was AzulstaR will be on in less than 6 hours when i scoop it up
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